Friday, May 05, 2017

I am Earth

I am earth
                                       found wanting
                                               after the drought
now fulfilled
relishing in
                        the deluge of rain
                                  creating bogs
in the garden
                            all the while
                                                     daffies smile

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Sir Lawrence of Long Toes

One of the earliest frogs with a personality was named Sir Lawrence of Long Toes. He was a cutie, if frogs can be cute, with his white belly and extra long toes. He quickly made The Pond his home and I enjoyed his company.

Many a day I would find him sitting in the pot of ivy next to the bench. His head hung over the edge as I read passages from what I believe were a few of his fave books. Wind in the Willows and the Frog Prince, come to mind. 


He was never one to hop away when I was out and about. He sat calmly, watching me, waiting for the odd worm I would dig up that was tossed his way. Maybe that was the attraction. But whatever it was he has remained a fond memory of frogs I have known.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Orion's Belt - Haiku

geese flying at night
captured by Orion's belt
land in a star field 


Friday, March 03, 2017

Frozen feathers - Haiku

during frigid temps
doves bathe in ice cold water
feathers frozen stiff

There's a story behind this, of course. The sump pump came on and I watched to make sure it was clear. I watched the water pour into the depression in the garden and saw doves had congregated. As the depth of water rose the doves jumped in for a bath. Mind you it was -15C and I as a watcher could only shudder.

They futtered about, rejoicing in fresh clean water to bathe in. Soon the flow from the hose ceased and I watched as they stood, searching and wandering why there was no more flowing water. Their posture was “what!, where did the water go!” as I laughed. It was one of those moments.