Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ponderers of The World Unite

I see Google has added another feature under "other". One can click and view the dropdown thingie and see Blogs. After finding this I typed ponderings. Like O mah gawd, as me dear niece would say though I often pondered why cause she certainly wasn't born in California though she may be classed as a Valley Girl, this is a brave new world ! Wowzers, was I smug pondering I was the only one who in fact pondered? Nah, I'm not dat stoooopid. It did bring a smile to me face knowing there are others on this planet though I sometimes ponder what planet some really reside on.
Pondering, mmmm, I love that word. For me it was born out of The Pond where I sit for hours and just ponder. The word pondering loosely translated means "To weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care". Well, ummm, in my case that's mostly correct though I wouldn't actually say what to make for dinner is a "pondering".
I ponder life, love, friends, family, you name it and I've pondered it. Even my employer has grown use to me saying "yes, I will ponder that and get back to you". They know better then to mess with a professional ponderer.
Who reads these ponderings? Most are people like moi surfing and Googling during downtime enjoying reading other who ponder and knowing one is never alone on this cyber expressway.
Merci Google. Ponder on dudes and dudettes !

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  1. I read these ponderings with glee and a smile,,,ty my friend


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