Sunday, July 06, 2008


I saw an advert today for Burberry shoes. Good heavens! High heels and socks ??? Folks this is just so wrong. HeHe's are meant to be worn barelegged or for those in the northern climate, a lovely taupe unless it's a funeral then basic black is de rigeur.

What is the point of wearing socks in high heels? I ask any man and woman. Though I prefer bare feets I would never ever never wear socks. Tis just so wrong !

Wrong as in wearing socks in sandals. That is one of the 20 sins. Why o why I asked a friend. Mind you Orm is an ole hippie and will be forever but his reply was thus.........Well wearing socks in sandals keeps the feet clean. EH???

Isn't that the point of sandals, to wiggle yer toes in the dirt and the air? Let those tootsies be free ! Wiggle to their hearts content, squish the mud underneath, dance til the blisters appear.

Arrrghhhh, a work day is near so I dream of shoving me toes into the shoes and toddling off...


  1. Hey! Whats wrong with socks and sandals? I like to wear white knee high socks with my sandals and plaid shorts! Oh ya, and a muscle tee shirt to show off me fine tractor tan! It's the only way to shop at WalMart!

  2. Yikes! don't tell me there's a pack of ciggies tucked up under that tee shirt about the shoulder.


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