Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Addiction

I have a serious addiction. Yes I admit it has taken a toll on me. My hands shake and saliva runs every week waiting for my fix. No more I said this morning and ventured forth to deal with it head on.

I visited 3 local garden centres, what? again? you ask? Yes, again. But but but, the sales are on I reasoned with meself, and there are a few holes in the new Celtic Circle garden that well ummm need filling.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in healing they say. Hhmmm just who are “they” and have they ever experienced the joy in finding that perfect Hosta? Golden in colour edged in white it will brighten up that spot over there. Of course it will ! I know it will.

The last centre is having a super sale on perennials and yes I came home with a few, well okies, more then a few. They are an investment after all and will multiply yearly. That is good enough for me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have told the garden centre manager, “if you see me here again this year, bar me, boot me, send me home” because I know this weeks sale of 25% off will be 50% next week. Now you're talking !!!

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