Thursday, August 05, 2010

Her Lucky Charm

“I give you 3 wishes and one may not be your freedom” she hissed thru cracked teeth and wrinkled lips. “What is your pleasure?”

He already knew she was much smarter than he, so began to tickle her palm with his toes, much like a cat kneading its keepers’ thighs before settling down. Might as well lull her into a sense of calmness before I leave he thought.

“First wish old woman. Water. Set me down in the pond.“

“You have your wish“, she mumbled bending over to release him.

He settled into the water, so cool and relaxing on his body and floated amongst the hyacinths. His legs stretched after days being kept in a cage, with only a saucer of water.

“Second wish old woman. Food. I need larvae, worms, not those dead flies you flicked my way.”

“I will find those for you while you refresh in the water” said she begrudging the thought of picking them wiggling and squirming out of the earth.

“Third wish old woman. Companionship. You’ve caged me alone and much too long. I need the touch of life.”

“But I have touched you.”

“You !, You!!!, Hah! Old woman. I shuddered every time your clammy, gnarled fingers neared me. You lost the touch years ago old woman that is if you ever had it.”

“I lost the touch you say? How dare you berate me with those words! You’ve forgotten it was I who saved you from the clutches of that creature. Yes I saved you and now you owe me your life.”

“Owe me your life? I think not old woman. Do you really believe I am staying here? With you? Think again old woman !!! “

“Oh you will stay with me, forever. In fact you’ve become a lucky charm to me. Your attitude towards your saviour has renewed me and my powers.”

Before he could respond, she waved her hand and the air filled with florescent smoke. As it cleared she smiled knowing she hadn’t lost her touch after all.

“Oh yes, you will be mine forever and eternity” she said softly kissing his silenced lips before hanging him in the shrubbery overlooking the pond.

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