Thursday, September 16, 2010


I stand on the edge with toes
twitching, not from nervousness
but from happiness for
they know the journey ahead.

With arms wide open
those toes spring my body
onto the swirling current
that surrounds the mountain.

Up, up and finally soaring
amongst the clouds
leaving the earthly worries
behind, for another time.

Soaring over pastel fields
and acres of human existence
I follow the river
sailing with ships at full sail.

The freedom of the tide
brings peace of mind
renewing my soul knowing
there is such a world for believers.

I watch the hustle and bustle below
every day peons, ever busy
going no where, yet striving to climb
the corporate ladder.

For this one moment I pity them
and yet I smile in serenity,
until the Monday morning
alarm clock rings.

This was written for The Inferno’s Coxswain “Vertigo” theme where we ask an artist from The Artist Challenge to choose one of their pieces of art and the writers interpret it in words. You may find Ray Shuells painting here as well as the entire Vertigo collection.


  1. another award winning piece.
    masterfully done!


    how are you,
    I wonder if you are interested in attending my poets Rally week 30.
    write a poem,
    link in, comment.
    favors are to be returned by fellow poets for sure.
    let me know only if you are ready.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Thank you so much Jingle, I will visit your blog.


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