Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night in The Galaxy of Gardenias

While the north wind blows this night,
I settle in picking up neglected brushes
and the dance of emotion begins.

Pigments of cream, peach and saffron,
the pallet of choice this chilly night
take life upon a deep green sky.

It takes a life of its own this night,
warming this soul while I create
and allow brushes and paint to flow.

Spattering the canvas with stars,
Gardenias float thru the galaxy
on this cold winters night.


  1. That is a beautiful photo to go very lovely and evocative poetry..Michelle

  2. Thank you Michelle, a night of playing with paint :)

  3. Perfect picture and poem

  4. The best way to relax Tiger, paints in one hand, soothing music and a pen in another, though it's a toss up how one holds a goblet ;)


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