Saturday, December 08, 2012

Can you see me

Can you see me, overgrown roots now green
I once was the guardian of the woods
standing tall, branches reaching to the sky
the sentinel of the path where man followed
their trek to homelands after months onboard
a ship from Ireland, then devastated of timber
all for the need of a masters grand home.

Can you see me, now a moss covered stump
from settlers hacking their way through
the forest seeking shelter from the cold
of a Canadian winter not written in the book
on how to survive in your homeland
only knowing you need to survive
and the timber will be your only reprieve.

Can you see me, for what I once was
a home to creatures of the forest
where owls nested overseeing their domain
and squirrels feasted upon my fruit
spreading acorns only to live again in the glade
while foxes and fishers burrowed at my feet
providing a sheltering home to their families.

Can you see me now,
not just an overgrown stump…

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  1. Beautiful, Cheryl ! I promise to pop by more often.


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