Friday, August 02, 2013

I have a Theory

I have a theory when frogs sleep. It has to be during the day when nocturnal creatures with a taste for frog legs aren’t about. I’ve been watching them today and do believe my theory is proven.

There is a birdbath, a blue clay platter filled with water on the edge of The Pond. It not only looks nice but serves a function as an actual birdbath especially for robins. However there appears to be more use by frogs than birds of late.

Frogue has been sitting in it all day. His back legs constantly twitching much like a pup who dreams of chasing that infernal cat does. I can relate because I’m not innocent of having those midnight twitches. As I kneel for a closer look I see his eyes are closed.

AHA! He is sleeping after all and perchance dreaming of his lady frog. Or it could be dinner, a huge plate of meal worms topped off with blood filled skidders. All I really know is my theory is correct and now I shall write my doctoral thesis, “Amphibian Wet Dreams, Fantasy or Frrribbbbbtion”.

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