Friday, October 10, 2014

She plants

Following a familiar path,
one she could walk with eyes closed,
her trowel in one hand
and a bag of daffies in the other
she pauses at a clump of leaves,
have I planted in this spot,

she ponders.

Stooping to feel the damp earth
her fingers dig into the soil
grasping a handful to determine
it its been worked in the last month,
feeling the hardness of soil.

Deeper and deeper the trowel digs
creating a hole double wide,
bulbs are gently placed into their winter home
closer than instructions instruct, after all
they are written from another continent.

Back filling with sand and home made compost
her tiny feet trample the spot
while the watering can soaks the newly planted
refraining from sticks and signs
leaving the surprise and joy
of a colourful welcome to spring

she believes.  


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