Monday, February 16, 2015

I be-go-nia luv ya

While in the basement this morn digging out the snow rake my eyes wandered over to a table where colour permeated me eyes like laser beams. “Come closer, you are not dreaming, come closer” I heard. Sweet heavens I screamed! Yesssssssssssss, there is life!

I grabbed the pot, ran upstairs, giggling while doing the happy dance.

Autumn past I cut back a spectacular begonia and put it in the basement with the tinkin' it will either go to sleep or rot. The sweet thing went to sleep and is now waking. There are four tubers and I will separate them creating another pot. If only I had brought another pot in last year so I could separate and transplant but alas, they are in the shed which is buried under 2' of white shite.

I found this Begonia aptly named Million Kisses Armour last spring and it grew amazingly well on the veranda. It was not red nor orange but almost a coral colour, trailing 3' down and full of branches. The branches themselves were red and leaves green with a burgundy underside. My photo doesn't do it justice.

I shall baby it, tend to its every need and smother it with kisses, o indeedie I shall, so pucker up baby it's going to be an interesting spring.


  1. Cheryl girl !! OMG !! ... I would be doing the happy dance until my feet hurt with this discovery : )!!
    I don't have a garage or a regular basement to stor hopeful plants away like this , so I am SO excited for you .. it looks amazing even in this picture .. I think I will keep an eye out for a "million kisses" haha .. love the name too ! .. it was been bitterly cold here and yes we have many feet of snow .. seems like Spring is so far away I can't even think of it now but this post from you helped a lot .. thanks girl !
    Joy : )

    1. Thanks much Joy, I was elated to see the colour. The pot is resting safely upstairs awaiting for transplant. Ughhh, I will have to buy even though they are a few frozen steps away. Stay tuned for a million kisses, and who can't resist that name :)

  2. Tis so nice when the unexpected allows us to do the 'happy dance', Lovely Begonia Cheryl, just lovely.

    1. It really is John. I can't tell you how happy I am :)

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    1. Don't you love those moments Michelle :)


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