Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pucker up baby for a Million Kisses

There are days when everything just falls into place. My hunt for Million Kisses Begonia's was one of them.

For years I had great fun seeking out fushia's to hang under the pergola. I would drive for miles trying to find unique ones not the bloody Swingtime that everyone seemed to grow. One year I had 13 different types in hanging pots and it was quite the colourful jungle.

Two years ago it was so hot and dry I would spend two hours every night watering my babies. Even though they were in full shade the heat and winds dried them completely. Then last year with perfect growing conditions for fushia's, wet and cool, they were hard to find.

I bought Amore from a local nursery to give it a try and was gifted with a stunning cascade of blood red blooms all summer long trailing 4' down. And so returned to the same nursery this year with fingers and toes crossed. I was on a mission when I entered the nursery and my plant radar spied the vibrant reds of Amore one aisle over. I beamed and put two baskets in the cart leaving one for another lucky soul.  

Moving along to the next aisle I kept my gaze on high scanning the hanging pots. I stopped and just stood there staring at the yellow beauties swaying from the fans breeze. This was destiny I thought and immediately ran for another cart. Three Honeymoons were placed on that one. Mine Mine Mine I said to an employee. 

One more aisle and what to my wandering eyes did appear but the Holy Grail of MK's, Elegance. I swear I experienced a hortgasm right there in the middle of the nursery. There wasn't one but two pots! Taking a closer look I thought really! Who does this. One pot had three pinks and one red, while the other had three reds and one pink. I couldn't just walk away now could I so both went in the cart.

The first thing I did after arriving home was switch the two odds creating one perfect pot of Elegance. There's me beauty and she was worth it.

This year I decided to forgo pots and planters of fussiness. Hanging pots of only Million Kisses Begonia's and planters with Dragon Wings Begonia's. OK there are a couple of Gartenmeister Fushia's in the planters. They've never failed and I'll grow them in memoriam of the past Fushia Forays.  Besides all of these will over winter nicely and next spring I will be able to rejuvenate them. 

Gardening is all about creating an Eden for oneself, family and friends. It's the joy of nurturing life. Taking note of what works or not, to remember next year. But most of all for me, it needs to be a place of rest and peacefulness. This is my pondering place, my Eden.


  1. I echo your thoughts on creating an Eden just out the door. It is so helpful for the soul. Trying to do the same thing out my way.

    1. You've made a fine start Casey. Gathering is half the fun. I truly believe in being outdoors and creating our own Edens. If a pot of geraniums makes a person happy then so be it. Me I tend to get lost in what I create :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Michelle, that's just the patio. Wait til you see the whole garden!


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