Friday, June 05, 2015

I stare

I stand
at the patio door
staring out
while rain renews
the garden
yet I feel left out
much like Grade 7
when the all stars chose
friends to play on “their” side
and I was always left last,
little did they know I had a killer arm
and striked out the faves every time.
I never could run then but I was fierce
when it came to protecting my base
besides payback was grand at the time
yet many years on I still yearn to be outside
and run once again as I did back then
over well worn paths with the sun in my face
and hair flowing surrounded by the chorus
of morning summer bird song cheering
me on with not a care in the world
but those days are over,
cranky knees yell when pushed
and those solitary paths
are overrun with idiots
who won't allow
a soul peace,
and I continue
to stare...


  1. Replies
    1. A bit of a ramble on a rainy night when I just wanted to be outside.


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