Saturday, October 17, 2015

Catching up...

Tis been awhile since I pondered here. O I've pondered, mostly scribblings in my journal but nothing on line. This has been the first weekend in ages where I've made time for me. There have been too many weeks of being emotionally drained with others problems, serious problems, to attempt to post or visit fellow bloggers. I guess it's me fate having an empathic soul but there comes a time when enough is enough. I finally said to my boss since when have I been promoted to Social Worker.  That was a very black day after talking to a suicidal person for an hour.  It is totally out of me job description but these are people who became friends and I've worked with for 17 years. They trust and confide in me and I just can't brush them off because I do care for them, not just as fellow employees but as human beings who are experiencing tense times. All I can do is find them assistance and listen; and perhaps that's all one needs is someone to listen while they pour their heart out. Not to pass judgement, as we all have our issues, but to actually listen with compassion, share the tears, and a shoulder to lean on. Heavens knows we could all use one of those shoulders. As for me I trod on, just meself and nature.

After waking up to the dreaded white shite fluttering down I spent the day outside bundled up while tending to my haven, the garden. Pots were emptied, begonia's transplanted and brought inside to the basement, hoses drained and hung to dry, and furniture cleaned and stored, except for my throne. That remains outside til I have to shovel. No way am I giving it up this early. I need to be outside as long as possible before the deep freeze sweeps in causing us to become hermits for six months. One positive is that I finally hung the chimes I birthdayed to meself but hadn't hung in case they kept neighbours awake. This way they will tinkle from the winter winds to remind me of summer breezes and birdsong when the bedroom window is open during the chill of winter.

In the mean time I've watched hundreds of blackbirds fill the sky in the morning and evening. They must be roosting in the woods along the river. I watched them take flight one morning this week and it stretched two blocks wide. I've never seen this size of flock before, ever!

blackbirds fill the sky
seeking shelter for the night,
pepper on pasta

I'm hungry ;)


  1. Hello Cheryl. I am sorry you are carrying a heavy emotional load. I like to think of myself as a good listener, but I have not had to deal with talk of taking ones own life. Finding help can be challenging. Thank you for what you do and did.... I too am getting out even with the darn snow falling on my head...for as long as possible.... Michelle

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts Michelle. I've learned to just deal with it but boy it can be heavy at times. That's why I retreat to my garden. It's a haven for me. I'll be fine :)


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