Friday, August 19, 2016

X marks the spot

A wonderful day was spent at the Lanark Archives researching the family forest. I've decided to focus on the mossie branch for now. The ladies couldn't have been more helpful. One in particular spent hours loading my table without me asking. I felt she was a mini me, give a hint and away she went searching for information.

I finally resolved the original family settlement in 1845. That probably means they arrived in 1844 and spent the winter at Brockville. That will remain to be researched. However! And I'm tickled to discover the reason for the Moss School. It was built on the original settlement
of Thomas Moss which to me means that man believed in edumakation! Yes! I couldn't be happier.

Dear Eliza's last will was found and though it's thorough it's also poignant. She couldn't write so her X marks the spot of her signature. Sad that but in those days it was the norm. Along with the note of anyone having a double S in their name meant it was spelt with FS instead of SS. My head nods too.


  1. I love this kind of thing... Glad you got some information..

    1. It's taken over Michelle. One should not research two families at the same time, especially when they intertwine. Talk about yer inbreeding! hehehe However I'm learning a lot and have a whole new appreciation for what they went through.


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