Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Summer has finally arrived at The Pond. No rain in ooooo three days and water level dropped so much the froggies were having difficulty hoping out. Hoping in no problem as they tend to jump having Cannonball competitions between themselves.
Wanting to help them save their energy for the Winter sleep I decided to top it off and so hooked up the hose and let water flow. Well, sometimes I get onto other things and kinda sorta fergit.
Walked out to check and oooooopsies, can froggies drown ??? Water overflowed and there they were, sitting about the edge staring and pondering, what is happening here! Where is she! Why is she doing this to us!
Running to the tap, I twisted it almost off in the hurry to stop the water. Whew. Taking attendance I see all are accounted for and none floating. Though Frogue is sitting in one of his two favourite spots, directly across from my throne. The other being the throne rock. Well he sits there and none to happy at the moment. Wee eyes glaring at me with a " may I ask what were you doing that caused you to forget us? " I glare back and say, " just a minute Frogue I was doing you a big favour. After all you are the oldest and ya know what happens when another birthday comes around " wa hahahahahaha
Needless to say no froggies were harmed, perhaps a tad pizzed off, but all is well :)


  1. There is a birthday at the pond? Is the pond big enough for a cat to swim??

  2. if the pool maintenance is done I am going to take a dip..:)))

  3. Lets see it'll fit about 15 kitties if the bottom ones wear snorkles, and lemon dill dip is de bestest, hehehehe :D


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