Friday, October 24, 2008

Bonnie voyage

Tis that time of year the creatures living at The Pond seek their Winter sleep. The weather has been chillier then most Octobers yet they have held on. Reading the Milk calendar from years past, o come on now don’t we all save them, the days are colder and they nodded off sooner. I am tickled to say not this year!

Thursday was the last time I saw one floating or more like hanging onto the fading Lotuses. He was a tad glassy, not just his eyes but his entire body as if he was fighting the chill. I should know better as this one, Fille, is use to warming up this time of year. As you see he is an Aussie froggie and we all know Spring has sprung down dere. Lucky buggas those maties be.

However I do believe he sent me a scripted message today. As I was doing the traditional headcount I noticed bubbles on the surface. Stepping in closer I watched them begin deep and float to the surface. Oooooo I pondered. Is this one taking a few last breaths before he swims to the safety of an Aussie Summer or is this Filles way of saying “I fart in your general direction” hardey har har.

Sleep well me froggie friends under your coverlet of thick leaves. I will see you in April when once more you will peep in the Spring and to Fille enjoy your Summer as we all envy you. Bonnie voyage matie :)

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