Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am Honoured

What a wonderful way to begin the day. I was reading some of my favourite Blogs and was astonished to find I had been given an Uber award. I said eh? logged off, brewed another pot of tea, wiped sleep from these eyes and checked it again. Yep there it was Ponderings From The Pond. Thank you so very much to a wonderful poet Robert at as I am truly honoured to receive this from you. Wow.

Okies I haven’t figgered out how to do the linkie thingie, you know the one where you hold your mouse over a word or words, click and magically you’re transported thru cyberspace to that website. I am trying folks and one of these days I will accomplish it ! Trust me I can be quite uummm headstrong which I blame on the redhair. Those who know me are saying “yeah hunhhh, a right persistent wee bugger she is” right now. :D

Tis been just over a year now when I created Ponderings from The Pond. Why the name you may ask? Well I built a pond a few years ago which has brought me such joy. I would send out emails describing the comings and goings changing the email From addie to…Princess of The Pond, hehehehe. More then one friend commented “I see the Princess has been pondering again”, O dat I had been :D So instead of those more often then naught late night emails I decided to join the Blog world where family and friends could read at their leisure.

Most of the ones I favour are thru Comments or the Bloggers choice. If I like the title I’ll visit, or a commentator sounds interesting, clickie clickie. People put so much of themselves into their Blog be it photos, stories, poetry, videos that I feel it has become a Techno Diary. Instead of writing Dear Diary then hiding the book under the mattress and the key in the running shoe (women will know what I write of, wink wink) we share our lives ensuring others and yes even ourselves are never alone in this life.

So in the essence of the Uber award I pass this to Speedy at who has welcomed me and puts up with some of me comments, hehehe Speedy San, and goes waaaaay beyond sane to create a fun and very interactive Blog. Thank you Eric :D

I give a heartfelt thank you to all who drop by. May me Ponderings bring a smile to your face and leave a giggle in your soul, Cheryl


  1. Well ... how nice!

    I love that you call my blog interactive. In fact, that is my main goal and what I like best about this whole blogging experience.

    Having you as a blogging friend makes my world just that much brighter. A blogging hug and a sincere thank you from the old cat,

  2. Well Done,my friend,as I love reading your ponderings,it gives me great pleasure "Ponderings from the Pond" gets appreciated ,,,,as it deserves to be! Looking forward to reading more,,,hugs

  3. danke Magda, now git to writing you ! you have such a wonderful word flow :D


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