Monday, July 27, 2009

Lights of The Night

The brush of darkness
paints shadows in the garden.

Stars not seen in weeks
remain hidden amongst clouds.

Needing reassurance this night
these eyes search for a sign.

A spark high in the maple tree
draws me eyes upwards.

Smiling I glance about
High, low, to the left, to the right.

There you are Light of the Night
I found you, faith now restored.

Fond childhood memories of hot summer nights following these wee creatures flood me mind. Over fences, thru hedges, never knowing where next they would sparkle and always amazed when their wee bums would light up just for us. “Find me, if you can” they signaled and we did for hours. To this day I search for them and when I see that sparkle I rest assured knowing other munchkins are playing Hide and Seek with the Lights of the Night.


  1. I never lived in an area before where lightning bugs were plentiful. I suppose I missed out as a child, but I enjoy them now. They are pleasant to watch.

    beautiful poem.

  2. They are magical creatures Eric. Last night I saw a few under a tree and a bat swoped down extinguishing their lights forever. Guess their light is a beacon for " cafe open " :) Cheryl

  3. a real joy to read. i like believing in the "wee people", magical wonderments -- they have a way of making one smile.

    thank you for stopping by and visiting. please do so again.


  4. You capture the magic and mystery of the little mites :)

  5. Don't they Suz, welcome to The Pond :)

    Gotta love the lil mites Cath, their appearance is one of those things I look for year after year :) Cheryl


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