Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Blessing

I was somewhat chuffed when I read a comment on Charity – Haiku from Elise, The Everyday Goddess. Her Goddess Award is very heartfelt. Thank you Elise.

This left me to ponder. While I’m no Goddess except to the creatures in The Pond who address me as Princess, well except for Fang though his crankiness is inbred, it says something about the blogging community. So many folks interconnecting and writing about their lives, their gardens, their art, thoughts and dreams, but mostly their worlds and how a few words from the heart affect people.

Bloggers have warm souls allowing us to share good and bad times and will even pop by every once and awhile during a dry spell if only to say “Hellloooo ????” That usually brings a darno, I’ve neglected Ponderings and my friends. Well, not so much neglected but life gets in the way at times, arrghhh.

I’ve the pleasure to contribute to Magpie Tales and Haiku Heights and I must say the welcoming at both sites is unique, encouraging and filled with souls who write for the sake of expression. Thank you for providing the prompts and allowing us these forums. Not only to participate, but to read and join other like minded folks. Tis always a treat delving into another’s thoughts. ;)

To Speedy and Eric at Ruminations, you’ve both been with me the longest and I cherish your friendship. Truly. To Rogue, well ya know, merci dere hey. To everyone else spread over this earth from Aussieland, to India, to Europe, the UK and North America, thank you for your friendship.

Before I get sappy and I can, o indeedie I can, I wish everyone, participants, hosts, followers and commenter’s the healthiest and safest New Year. May it be filled with dreams come true and happiness that knows no bounds. I look forward to reading your ponderings one and all.

Goddess of The Pond


  1. BIG BIG hug from old Speedy down at the Hollydale River Basins !

  2. ((((((( Speeeeedy ))))))
    Have a wonderful, funderful 2011.


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