Friday, January 21, 2011

Ode to The Wolf Moon

From the nearby woods
I listen to my clan howling
over the river, to the family
seeking shelter as morning nears
safe and protected from the day.

The run with kin over the snow
has ended, they leave me
exhausted and shivering,
their fur unknown to this body,
and I look to the east.

Thru naked and gnarled limbs
of oak, walnut and maple
your morning rays shine
stroking warmth into my flesh
chilled from a long January night.

I welcome you this morn
O wolf moon shining full
upon this icy landscape
barren, void of colour and life
until your rays penetrate my soul.

Warm me, I beg you
wrap your rays around my body
infuse my being with your heat
while I reveal in your life source
once again becoming myself.


  1. Beautiful,longing for warmth is these bitter cold days !

  2. So true Magda, it was a nasty cold full moon but so inviting to pondering ;)


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