Saturday, February 26, 2011

Point of Salvation

The only point of salvation
harkens to those lost at sea
guiding their way safely home
casting aside natures nightlights
sure to lead wanting sailors astray
onto the soul shredding rocks
begging for sacrifices along the shore.

More points of light may be found here on Theme Thursday.


  1. I was so tempted to use the picture and the theme...but I couldn't get my previous "lighthouse" poem ("Steady and Strong") out of my head long enough to write a new one. I enjoyed yours, though! ...and thanks for stopping by my "point", as well. :) ~ Paula

  2. ooooooo I'll have to read Steady and Strong Paula. In fact, I'll make a point of it :)

  3. [giggling] make a POINT of stopping by to read Steady and was written as a response to a poem written for me called "Radiance and Light" (which is not posted on my blog). Enjoy! ~Paula

  4. I love your take on the theme! My favourite line:

    "Casting aside nature's nightlights"

    Fun to say, and a fabulous image, all in one. :)

    Glad I stopped by!

  5. "soul shredding . . . sacrifices . . . shore." Love the S-sounds, like the hiss of the waves on the beach, which is where you take us by the end of this one. Very well done.

  6. Beautiful post here Cheryl. I loved it!

  7. Thank you Just, AC you caught the SSSS's ;), Rogue merci dere.
    This took all of minutes after I saw the prompt.

  8. Wonderful take on the prompt. Love the direction you went with this.

  9. Thank you Reflections, pondering is good for the soul :)


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