Saturday, February 12, 2011

To all The Lovers

I rise to a colourful dawn,
her cloak, ribbons of pastels
as on my pallet of watercolours,
cause me to pause and gaze
at this wondrous gift
while pondering my beloved
smiling at this glowing view
knowing we share the same
over the high and lowlands,
yet still I yearn to walk
with you, by moon glow
strolling into the misty dawn
on stardust, that lights our path


  1. Lovely, Cheryl...truly lovely. ~ Paula

  2. ((((((((( Speeedy ))))))

    Thank you Paula, twas written for me heartie :)

  3. Absolutely lovely, and I've been perusing your older posts and must say, I love your ponderings...just magical!! Especially Twinkle Bottom and Soggy Bottom! You have a delightful way with words. I will visit more often!


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