Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solitude - Haiku

Robins, Warblers, Finches
in perfect yet subtle harmony,
is my solitude

Breeze blown lotuses
floating over crystal water,
is my solitude

Spent Apple blossoms
natures confetti, drifting,
is my solitude

Tired feet resting
while I ponder by The Pond,
is my solitude

Serenity I sought
now found in my quiet garden,
is my solitude

Master Oliver Schroeder
bells, chimes, sweet singing fiddles,
is my solitude

Recreating Eden
in my own quiet humble world,
is my solitude…

Solitude may also be found at Haiku since the net is cranky


  1. Lovely, sounds like you have a beautiful sanctuary for meditation. Nothing better than being outside on a nice day with nature =)

  2. awesome sets of Haikus.
    beautiful imagery.

  3. tis the best kind of day and thank you Mind and Jingle.

  4. I wish for you,,one hundred years from this moment,,,I wish that this garden will still grow your flowers, and keeps breathing your being.
    As it gives you:inspiration,muze and soul;there always will be something of you floating on the breeze. The Pond is part of you,,,you are the pond. The word entwined comes to mind. You and the garden are so lucky to share eachother.
    Beautiful Haiku's !

  5. O Magda, so thoughtful wishes. No matter where I am in 100 years there will be a pond and you bet you'll be reading the ponderings tooooooo. Thank you Magda, from my soul.


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