Saturday, January 25, 2014

I want...

I want...

to see brilliance of green again,
faint to bright, the colour of life
in my garden, my Eden, my solace.

to inhale fragrance again,
sweetness of peony, lilac and twolips
colours of purple, mauve, pink and violet.

to feel warm earth again,
under bare feet and through callused hands
worms turning creating organic aroma.

to giggle again,
of a butterfly resting from its journey
while it rests on my outstretched hands.

to walk through nurseries again,
eyes wide gazing at beauty soon to be mine
giving them a home where their life brings joy.

to be outside at night again,
seeking stars in the heavens and fireflies
on a sultry summer eve, me and my dreams.

to nourish seedlings again,
tickling their leaves and providing substance
when their radiance glows in the garden.

to survive the heat again,
emitting from reds of fuchsias and begonias
radiating in the hot summers breeze.

to open windows wide again,
allowing fresh air to flow throughout the home
while I inhale deeply of life renewed.

to encourage life again,
freeing frogs from their winters sleep
so I may provide them a safe refuge.

to enjoy yellow again,
from daffies to wax bells
summers sun shines on the soul.

to putter about again,
planting this, transplanting that
painting with plants in the landscape.

to surround myself with beauty again,
soaking in colours and life renewing my soul
from this deep winter sleep.

I want to feel again...


  1. Very beautiful and I am on board with you! I'm looking forward to smelling the warming earth as tiny shoots break ground and mushrooms start to fruit again....Now look what you've done!

    1. It should arrive by May? It just keeps coming and coming like the Energizer bunnie. Here's for an early spring to you Casey

  2. Replies
    1. I'm sure you're just as tired of it Michelle. I'm tired of "bundling" up to go out. No wonder our mums took the broom to us before allowing us inside, hehehe


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