Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hellllooooooooooo Hellebores

At last! After years and years of buying, planting, and babying, the latest Hellebore’s have bloomed. I purchased three autumn past at a nursery clearance and came hell or high water, I was determined to see them in bloom this spring. They didn't let me down.

Mind you I coddled them like new born babes. Ensuring they had lots of water to begin the deep sleep with along with mounds of leaves and soil. The plants survived the horrendous winter which was a shocker to me after being buried by 4' of the white shite in the Celtic Circle.

When it finally melted, their leaves appeared sharp and green. I checked just about every day and finally spotted purplish buds tucked down in the centre of the leaf crown. Dancing about I tickled the tiny buds whispering words of encouragement. Or it may have been “bloom! Or off to the composters you go as I've had enough of your teasing!” Whichever tactic I used they listened.

This beauty is Winter Sunshine as are the other two. The specs states it's sterile, poor things, so me thinks I'll be replanting them all together this autumn to keep each other company. Now that I know they will bloom for me I'll be on the lookout for ones of yellows, and cremes. Maybe toss in a few apricots and pale pinks, for good measure. I have a feeling these won't be my last, o indeedie no they won't be.  


  1. Cheryl girl this past winter almost had us "mad" eh ?
    Yes hellebore is another madness yet to handle but much more pleasant ! haha .. I have a long bed dedicated to the darlings so be prepared as well to dedicate more and more area to them girl , wink wink !

  2. O I'm ready and able Joy. These ones have been blooming for two weeks and there are still buds yet to open, yay!


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