Friday, August 01, 2008


darkness of the night
soft white glow beneath the cloak
Moonflower beams light

Ha Ha! I did it ! Follow the 5-7-5 flow of traditional Haiku. I enjoy most styles of poetry but none so much as straight from the heart. Those poems who cause me to seek the dictionary only serve the poets ego. Tis not me style. Shelby is a fave, such a romantic he was. e.e. cummings, well his "i carry your heart with me" is just so perfect.

I find as I ummmm, mature, yes that's the verb, I lean towards Haiku though more in the non-traditional way. Fewer the words used to describe a moment the more heartfelt. Long ago I spent eves sipping tea with a dear ole friend Willa, an artists soul had she. We wrote, or she wrote Haikus and did her best to teach me the rhythm of 5-7-5. Alas, seeking so many words when less would do, didn't make me the best student. Still I shall never forget our time. Slainte Willa !

Tiny words is a wonderful site dedicated to Haikus. Very tiny words with such expression. They capture the moment o so true, as it should be.......

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