Sunday, August 17, 2008

Truth Be Known At Last

Day slowly slips away
as Luna arrives
not yet worn, shining brightly.
Ripples in the Moonlight
reveal their presence
watching, always watching.
I ponder……
If they ever truly sleep
close their eyes and drift off
floating to a far away Pond.
Do they seek planters and pots
up high out of harms way
for their night slumber.
Balls ping against each other
while lotus drifts along
moved silently by those in the dark.
Garden lights flicker
as I watch and wait
pondering their plight.
Creatures in shadow move
slowly with assurance
cross the stones.
Tis feeding time for the
night crawlers, moths, spiders
provide the feast.
Their serenade foretells
moisture is on its way though
perhaps this night they sing for their supper.


  1. I like th quiet of the night where you can sit and listen to all the activity that goes on that is un noticed normally

  2. yesss, always pondering just what is out there scurrying about :)

  3. Just like sitting on my deck at midnight. I love to sit out there and just take in the sounds and feel the breezes move about.

  4. o so true, tis the best way to relax after a hectic day and feel the ooommmmmm


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