Friday, August 08, 2008

Rolling Hello's

Stopped and idling as the 10:13 rolls thru town. These eyes search each rail car for signs. Signs of life, and I was not disappointed. I’ve often pondered who are these people, where are they, do they ever see their creations again? As for why, I already know as there is a creative soul in each and every one of us seeking an audience. An audience of one, ourselves, or an audience of millions, however many……an audience.

To some it is graffiti though I see it as a signature. Similar to carved initials in a tree trunk or a note in a bottle tossed into the sea. An affirmation of our existence. Hello, I am here. I am now. I am alive.

The colours, style and subject intrigue me. There are raw coloured phrases no doubt from the hands of angry youth. Look at me! They shout out. I’m here damnit! The scribbles in black spray paint are younguns with too much time on their hands and the devil whispering in their ears. Ahhhh, me faves appear. Brightly coloured paintings of flowers, mermaids, wrapped in signatures, words flowing, melting into each other. Lastly, words such as RIDLE, TEMPER, and JOSE outlined in a hard script, as if they had to scurry when the night watchman rounded the corner. I wonder would they have filled in the letters given time.

Next time when stopped and idle look closely at the passing rail cars and smile. For there is life and that life says Hello.


  1. interesting perspective and one I hadn't thought of

  2. You'll be looking next time woncha :) Tis all about looking beyond the obvious, or dare I say colouring outside the lines :)

  3. I see'm too as expression and yes ,some are real Art,,,paintings of words that can't be communicated but scream out,,,I see funny faces,,birds,,and words ,blooming and booming as giant flowers,,i do the same,,i stop and ponder,,,

  4. I've often thought of filming a documentary, following the artists and their work across the land... hhmmm, onto the "to do list"

  5. I was downtown once and noticed a graffiti wall. This one was poetic, vivid, colorful, and charged with a positive vibe. I took a picture ... as I was in awe.

  6. indeed art is wonderful, be it poetry, graffiti etc... i know almost exactly how you feel.

    thank you for sharing.


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