Friday, December 05, 2008

Seasonal Sway

A few posts ago I described the race for winner of the seasonal blooms. My money was on the paper whites and I won. Okies ok, there may have been insider information. For a week they’ve been blooming and folks I have to tell you the scent is intoxicating. A combination of vanilla, jasmine and mockorange. Mmmmmm, even better then Kissiemuch cookies baking.

Well me thinks these have a life of their own. Allow me to explain. I’m use to the creaks and groans of this house, the rants from the forest pygmies not to mention those wayward creatures seeking winters warmth but the new sounds have me perplexed. So perplexed I open cupboard doors and do double takes at the tiniest shadow.

Yesterday morn I took a good sniff to begin the day and the stalks and blooms were bent over a lamp. They are now nearing 2’ high wrapped with a ribbon to keep them from flopping over. All day I would hear a crackle and just shrugged it off to the chill. By night fall they were standing erect, yes, straight up ! Nope the lamp was never turned on so there goes the theory of heat. Do I hear that tune, doo doo doo dooooo.

Before lights out I sniffed once more, I know what you’re pondering but really their scent is so mmmmmmmmm. At that time they were tilting so I moved the pot towards the wall just in case it fell over. Another noise in the night I do not need. This morn, their position remained. Whew, was it too high test tea yesterday?

As I write, they’ve resumed the position of a soldier, uh huh, straight up. I’ve grown paper whites for years and never have they moved like this. Just 5 bulbs placed amongst river stones in a pot nourished with water. That is it. I’m now pondering if the water is the culprit. Taken from the dehumidifier it has been purified kinda sorta. If this be true then if I drink from the vessel will I too sway like a belly dancer :D


  1. a Jack daniels or two and I have been known to sway..:)

  2. Oh poo. My "good sniff to begin the day" right now results in's ploughing season and I'm all over the place in the morning... :(

  3. as long as the whirlies stay away confused, hehehe :)

    o darno Braja, a good washing out with saltwater will clean those sinuses though I imagine the flowers over there are pretty potent and should give you something nicer to sniff :D

  4. Mysterious happenings! Perhaps it is the "tea." Canada has some potent strains indeed!
    Aloha from Waikiki-

  5. Aloha Cloudia ! Red Rose to begin the day then Stash to wind down. Did you know Earl Grey is made from leaves of the Monarda Didyma plant, one of me faves and soooo easy to grow :)

  6. Hi Cheryl, funny stuff! I love the scent of paperwhites, but not the floppiness. It sounds as though you have corrected their swoon though, HA.

    Frances at Fairegarden

  7. That I did Frances :) Now I'm onto pot two ! Thank you for stopping by.


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