Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winters Yin & Yang at The Pond

Blanketed yet deeply frozen
Serene yet cold harshness
Light yet void of colour
Refreshing yet stagnant of life
Calm yet struggles this season


  1. We have a common thread this fine morning. Beautiful crisp poem, love the chills.

  2. Hello Fair Poet of Canadian Shores,

    A mountain Pirate told us about you. We are artist. At least that's what they call us.

    We'd like to invite you to a member of our very Private Club. We're very selective and only an elite few are welcome on our hallowed grounds. We like you.

    We even have a little 'chit chat' room that might be to your liking. It's rightfully called Dante's Pub. But when you enter BEWARE! You are entering the abyss of the artist mind! You may not find your way out.

    You're welcome to watch from afar while drinking your brew or pull up a chair and join us for a little chat. Be sure and register and then log in. After all, this is a very private club. We don't allow just any wanderer in our midst.

    Don't dilly dally now! It wont cost you a pence. Check out The Artist Challenge and Dante's Pub- that is if your daring and think yourself worthy to be amongst the souls we've claimed?

    Farewell...until we hear from you,

    Master Mike and the Pub Wench

    Artist Challenge-
    Dante‘s Pub -

  3. Oh Cheryl, I hope to see you at Dante's Pub. It's a great forum, I think you would love it.

  4. Sorry about that, I meant to leave the last comment as me. Managing MPD can be a little tricky at times. LOL You really would enjoy it.

  5. Thank you Eric, it's still fallllllling here, arrghhhh

    Ooooooo Master Mike and Pub Wench! I be honoured with yee invite and am known for swigging a goblet or two with the local pirates :D

    I'll be sailing over soon Mr.P :)
    Hardy Har Har Har, Cheryl

  6. I must say, These people from Dantes have exquisite taste in their friends. Well done. Your postings rock girl! :-)

  7. You always incorporate the perfect images on your blog to coincide with what your words produce in my mind.

    Well done !

  8. Rogue (((()))), merci yeeeee

    Speeeeeedy, actually that's The Pond in its Winter blankie, thank youuuuuu, bonnie appetitie with your buffalo wings ;)


  9. Hi Cheryl, love the contrasting picture you have painted with your words. How talented you are!

  10. I love your poem..I wish I could write to add to my photos..sigh

  11. Hiya Frances, the yin and yang of Winter, beautiful yet uggggh, hehehehe Cheryl

  12. Michelle ! but you can and do write so well, your stories are great! me I try to use the fewest words possible, cause eye dun't no engrish dat good eh
    ;) Cheryl

  13. Cheryl. What a fab winter/snow image! I’ve popped in several times to see it and re-read your poem. Enticing!

  14. This is such a compliment Cath, thank you ! That photo is me Pond where I ponder even during the Winter :) Cheryl


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