Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the race is on...

As the Silly Season approaches and the landscape is a dismal pallet of brown, grey, and beige, I purchased a few bulbs to colour my world over the next month or two. The usual Paper Whites or “blanc de papieres” hardy har har, and three Amaryllis are safely potted. And now the race is on.

Too Rouge is out of the pot first having a weeks lead. Bright green leaves 18” high this day, and without a bud to be seen. Yep, tis definitely a gelding. Perhaps I’ll move him next to Pinkie.

Candy Cane, rounds the corner taking the lead. 8” leaves and yes there is a bud hidden amongst them. Wooooooo hoooooooo, she’s number 1 on the race card. Go Candy Cane Go !

Pinkie, brings up the rear. Gated beside Candy Cane, this one is coming up lame. A one inch high leaf and sadly only one may cause Pinkie to be put out of its misery and right into the compost.

The Paper Whites though not of the same stock as the Amaryllis are the favourites to win. Faved, because they are this stable owners’ most loved of the winter bulbs. Their petiteness belies their powerful and o so intoxicating scent. Mmm mmm A much nicer sniff then what’s behind the barn ;)


  1. Heck, I am still stuck on your first line, and trying to get my head around the idea that somewhere there is a place where it ISN'T silly season all the time :)

  2. G'day from Oz. I can understand that my blog with its summer garden pictures will be nostalgic for you in the weeks to come ... welcome!
    Good luck with the bulbs.

  3. The rogue's a gelding huh?

    What did I miss the week I was away?

    * Insert a shocked look and a wry smile here*

  4. I will bet 100 to "show" on Amaryllis !!

  5. Welcome Braja, this is the Silly Season with some sense of design ;)

    Thank you June, indeedie they will and I'll post Winter ones to keep you cool :)

    Welcome back Nutzie :D it was Rouge not Rogue matie, hardy har har

  6. Woooo hooooo Speedy, it'll be a photo finish :D

  7. Bloody gelding? Remind to piss in your beer the next time I see ya mate

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  9. I am June and so is he ;) I finally figgered out how to add those thingies, hehehe :D Cheryl


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