Sunday, November 02, 2008

What do they know we don't, hhmmm

Bbbbrrrrrr, the season is upon us. That one, which waxed shovels, scoops have replaced forks and rakes. Windows are sealed shut, furnace tuned, Sorels, parka, mitts, scarves, toque are dug out of the closet, notice I didn’t type socks :), and bird feeders hung.

That brings me to the subject of our avian friends. I’ve noticed very few flocks of geese escaping to the south this Autumn. Last year the familiar V’s began in August and we all know what that Winter was like. Ye gads, tons of white shite. None I’ve seen since I found an ole photo taken in 1962 of me bro and I standing on the banks as high as the house eaves. Those were the days but then our parents had to deal with it, not us for it was our Winter playground. I digress…

Besides few geese, Robins are still about. Either they know something we don’t or their wee brains are still in a sugar high from the bountiful season and dare not want to leave Eden. I prefer to believe the former.

The last Hummer passed thru here September 23 at least a month overdue. Though a pessimist would say, “yeah but they sensed the hurricanes so delayed their flight” geeez. I’m an optimist so I say they did know something.

Blue Jays, Juncos, Chickadeedeedees, Cardinals and Doves are slowly finding their way here. Actually they’ve always been around. Nesting in the pygmy invested forest and stopping by The Pond throughout the year. Tis always a treat watching them, especially the Doves, landing on the iced covered Pond. Hehehehe, a group of bowling pins crashing into each other.

This coming week brings us double digit temps and sunshine ! Woooo hooooooo. Me thinks I’ll toss those Sorels back into the closet though I won’t be removing the snow tires. After all I was a Girl Guide ;)

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