Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Morn

Twas a lovely wakening this morn. Up early to enjoy the dawn. The yawning sun shone on bubbles in The Pond, causing the froggies to squint and hide under the plants for they weren't quite awake. Her rays enveloped the garden with her glimmer. Hostas alive with her low light, casted a knowing glow.

Sounds from the Fair wafted down the street, the winners of the Junior Holstien class...young folks dressed in white along with their calves while their parents soft mmmwaaaaaaas followed in the breeze, thee Best Apple Pie announced for the town to hear and soon to follow with orders for the freezer, the shwoooooosh of the Saucer joined with laughter from younguns.

Music wove its way thru the garden, Celtic this morn made one kick up her heels and dance along while steaming tea awaited the sipper. Ahhh, twas a lovely morn.