Friday, May 31, 2013

Stone - Haiku

pebbles on the shore
hold memories and wishes
initials in stone

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Planets Danced This Night

Under the bower of the full flower moon the planets dance…

Venus slowly rises in the western sky
as she has just awakened from her sleep.
She is stunning in her ethereal glow
her gown the colour of Korean wax bells.

Mercury, the little one, but o so fast
is dressed in fiery red kniphofia armour.
He moves towards Venus reaching out
once conjoined he twirls her into euphoria.

Jupiter, the overseer, keeper of many moons
joins in the dance of planets this magical night.
His cloak of clouds, the colours of rippled hosta’s
entice Venus to join him for she is born of beauty.

The planets danced under the bower of the full flower moon…

Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Floating Champion

It had been two weeks since I had drained, cleaned and refilled The Pond and after tolerating the cranky glares from the frogs I went nursery hopping. Mind you the weather hasn’t been conducive having tropical plants outside when I’ve had to scrape the car windshield so I delayed the search. I finally found water lettuce and hyacinth. They weren’t as lush as last year and of course the prices had increased but only the best will do.

Arriving home I tossed the plants into The Pond and watched them float merrily along gently prodded by the lovely afternoon breeze. There was serenity at last. Having other things to do I stood there with hands on hips and stated “I hope you all are happy now that you have your expensive rafts! Ya lazy buggers!” and at that I toddled off smirking to myself.

Two hours later I decided to see how they (the plants not the frogs) were coping with the water temperature change and lo and behold one had found his perch. This has to be an all time record! I sat on my throne, watching him steadying himself on his throne and thought, a oui Frogue is home, he’s content, I am happy and this is a truly priceless Kodak moment.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Story - Haiku

sheltered beneath oak
shattered eggshells lay empty
chicks stories silenced

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Refreshing Rain

Ahhhh, the sweet refreshing sound of water gurgling through the eave troughs makes me smile this night. It’s one of the most comforting sounds I know. Rain quenches plants thirst birthing into life this warm May. A much too warm May.

A week ago Hosta’s were no where to be seen; now they unfurl their leaves. Solomon’s Seal were but buds while I made note to dig and transplant this weekend; now they are 3’ high and beyond moving. Lemon Pennywort, sparse along The Pond now illuminates the area with their thick and brilliant growth. Ethereal ferns stretch and release fronds; flamenco dancers by the stone wall.

This is spring, the one season I relish and thrive in. There is warmth to the earth, clarity of air, songs from nature and vibrancy of colours. Life has renewed itself and so have I.