Friday, April 26, 2013

Birds of Spring - Haiku

great blue heron
silently glides in morning
feathers paint the sky

cardinals in red
song as strong as their plumage
patrols the garden

flittering feathers
scattering beaks of yellow
junco’s in shadows

jauntily capped sparrows
dressed in earth tones of brown
two step in sown seeds

sour coloured finches
grasp eyes with brilliance
yellow and lime hues

chortling robins
affirm springs late arrival
we smile happily

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Affairs of the Heart

Tonight I listen to Affairs of the Heart. A classical composition by Marjan Mozetich. I listen to a lot of classical musical but this piece moves me like no other. Violins and cello’s play in harmony that captures every emotion.

I first heard it on CBC a few years ago and after the one concert I had to have it.  His strings play at me heart, lulls me into serenity; makes me dream. Just when I believe he sends me to heaven, I fall safely to earth on wings of dandelion seeds, gliding downward, slowly spiralling to a soft landing.

The yin and yang between cello’s playing off each other makes me ache, o such emotion he has spun. Waves of strings crash onto the shore, only to be swept out to sea and the cycle continues as they join with a sweet violin, and I know who will sleep soundly this night

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Dawn whispered

Follow my breath Dawn whispered,
walk along the river, walk along with me
I cherish your company while I wake.

Allow my arms to surround you,
envelope the ground you walk upon
while I paint you pastels upon your wake.

Inhale the freshness of a day a new,
bountiful is nature and life renewed
of spring upon this land awake.