Friday, January 23, 2015

January morns - Haiku

Tangerine ribbons
tickle sleeping sun to wake,
refreshing citrus

tiger eyes of dawn
open in violet haze,
sun salutations

crumpled paper clouds
float over the morning sky,
plane trails leave their script

The past few mornings the sky has been delicious and thought provoking until “they” enter asking for this and that. I remain focused on the view until the “hello! Cheryl !   Earth to Cheryl!" chant shatters my peace then work begins ~sigh~    At least I have that moment in time.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

braver than I

through cedar hedge the setting sun sprays
yellow beams that scatter upon snow
dry, cold and bitter this day
while birds peck and dig for substance
wearing only their skin and feathers
that causes me to ponder
how they withstand this temperature
while the flesh of this mere mortal
freezes leaving skin blue
not the blue of water or a summer sky
but a transparent blue with veins
pulsating in disagreement
of my foolishness being outside
filling the feeder to provide
nourishment for those
who can't provide for themselves
yet complaints there are none
from this soul as I hear
only the soft thank yous of
gratitude emitting from the hedge
sung by chilled creatures

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday, January 09, 2015

only -22 you say, well isn't that balmy

Sunday graced us with hours of freezing rain. At least it was on 6” of snow that buffered it from the ground. Me thinks everyone listened to the same forecast of flash freeze and doors opened with neighbours rushing out to clear their drives. I went out twice and was thoroughly soaked each time but it had to be done as the ever loved snow plow operator had already passed. TWICE. My shoulders ached as if I had shovelled a ton of coal. I was not a happy camper seeing three, ahem, “neighbours” out with their snow blowers and not one yelling over the drone “Yo! Cheryl, I'll be right over”.   Women never forget. 

Nursing the soreness and drying clothes I was preparing me self for another go to shovel the bloody bank when what to me ears did I hear but me savour! Dear Dale, a kind man who had just put in a third 12 hour shift arriving with his blower. 10 minutes and it was cleared. I ran out with gift in hand shouting “I LOVE YOU” and he awww shucks apologized for not coming early. Geeez, I hadn't expected him at all knowing his schedule. The best long distance neighbour I've ever had.

The week became worser. -40C temperature on Wednesday made everything freeze solid. My house was banging all night, the house people. The Butternut tree was equally showing its disdain for the cold slamming its overhanging limb on the pergola. For years one limb has rested on two beams. It has become a measure of weather. I know when the winds are wicked because the limb rubs and squeak. Visitors are told it's just talking so talk back. Mind you there are always a few eyebrows raised when I say that.

Another sign of cold is the train whistle. I live not far from the freight line that bisects this town and like most citizens who have lived here for what seems eons never hear it. Until the temperature lowers to an unbearable level unfit for man or beast to be oot and aboot. When I actually notice it in my home I know it is cold, damn cold. That means it's so cold it's time to don, gasp, socks and slippers and throw an extra blankie on the bed AND the window remains closed.

I won't write about the layers of clothes.  Ok I shall.  Socks, boots, pants (in no way do I wear a dress in this weather), sweater, parka, scarf, mitts (gloves are not advised because fingers keep warmer touching each other), and perhaps a hat.  Mind you the hat leads to dreadful hat hair due to the static electricity and it is so unbecoming that I prefer a hooded parka.  One must endeavour to remain fashionable, in a way, doncha know.  And that's just for outside.  I won't mention what we need to wear working in a 100 year old building with no insulation, except the alpaca mitts make rather funny typo's in emails.    

Today we joked about the temperature and in true Canadian style stated you know you're Canadian when you remark “only -22 you say, well isn't that balmy”.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

To the Full Wolf Moon

The moon beckons to follow
over the marsh where water
has become ice, solid for fleeting
feet running through the rushes
holding once rampant waters still
for creatures to find their grasp
while they continue the hunt
of rabbits and fox that prowl
the night in the glow of the moon.

I weary of this chase, feet are raw
bleeding from the shards of ice
leaving prints in the snow to be
scented from my pursuer who will
soon be upon the limping formations.

There are outlines of trees ahead,
old maples and oak branches that
have become fuel for the pioneers fire
where they keep their hearth warm
and cook their food to provide heat
for their cabins in this bitter winter
and after this long and tiring chase
I will give my own fur only to feel
once more the heat and a hearty
welcome to join the clan once more. 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Winter Haiku

alabaster marble
under a blanket of snow,
the final resting

filaments of flakes
form cords of frozen crystals,
shimmers in street lights

hedge with snow laden
branches, sags under the weight,
home to resting doves

dried hydrangea heads
wear their winter tuques of white,
tassels of new flakes

full Wolf Moons halo
calls to me through closed shutters,
I become restless

cardinal of red
silhouetted in feeder,
twilights sepia

one foot of white shite
and counting this frigid night,
drapes drawn til morn light   ;)