Sunday, September 02, 2018

The Guardian has fallen

For centuries this tree witnessed the sorrow of families burying their loved ones. She was the guardian of the Old Burying Ground founded in 1816. Oh the tears that were shed in those hundreds of years for families yet few were shed when she was laid waste by a chainsaw.

The local paper (prodded by me) covered the fallen limbs as a result of a storm but was there such an outcry as witnessed when a scrub maple of 90 years was removed in a downtown park? NO is the answer. I'm on a rant as if you couldn't tell.

The sugar maple in the Old Burying Ground was perhaps 200 years old. It was strong and solid although a few limbs had been struck in the last three years and they fell, once again, in silence I am sure she could have been saved.  That is if this town had a decent restoration plan. However, if it doesn't happen in the core of town the blinders are pulled tight.

Will the tree be replaced? Don't hold your breath. Will the stump be ground? Hold your breath longer. Was the timber salvaged? Check the local dump. It saddens me that this tree, for all it has witnessed, was cast aside and town officials didn't give a care. ~sigh~