Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charity - Haiku

This soul smiles warmly
as an open wallet empties
into a Sally Ann’s kettle

On alert for neighbours cats
while the bird feeder overflows,
feathered friends feed in peace

Charity, sharing ones heart
with those souls silently
pleading for a helping hand

Charity, such a thoughtful word. Please visit Haiku Heights for more thoughtfulness.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace, love and laughter

The Christmas Tree
bathed in gold
shimmers as hands
hang beloved ornaments
of glass, silk and paper
watched over by an
inherited Angel slightly
worn but ever cherished
while the wreath wrapped
in cones, nuts and ribbons
still sparkling after the years
adorns the wooden door
guarding the fragile garland
surrounding the rusted obelisk
this day now brought to life
in evergreens, artemisia,
and plump hydrangeas
which lovingly overlooks
the red candled wreath
upon the candelabra
shining with sun beaten beads
of red and silver stars
all enjoyed by family and friends
anxiously waiting, warm inside
with tummies hungry
for Christmas cookies.

May you all find peace, love and laughter this season
but most of all may these feelings last with you throughout the year.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance in The Moonlight

A gentle, soft eve
flakes falling ever so slowly
dancing in moonlight
surrounding The Pond

The Pond, well worn
around one edge
from the paws of creatures
seeking respite of their thirst.

Thirst, for nourishment
in the dead landscape
of barren Winters’
frozen earth needing warmth.

Warmth, bundled and safe
from the bitter North wind
blowing unforgiving
causing life to seek shelter.

Shelter, peace with oneself
gazing out thru frosted glass
while the snow flakes
dance in moonlight.

Friday, December 10, 2010


surrendering to your heart
while banishing the unknown

Separation of distance
though faith in each other
maintains our strength

Faith, hope and charity
these three charms chime
from my heart ringed bracelet

Belief in one self
becomes faith in others
during difficult times

If it’s December
I have faith
it will snow

Ponderings prompted by faith in Haiku Heights.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silk - Haiku

soft as the web you weave
hardy as your interwoven strands
silken as your life it be

wrapped in silk threads
soft and warm
saffron shines upon the face

silk, the whispered word
slides off the tongue
sensual, pleasing to the touch

For more silk please visit Haiku Heights

Friday, November 12, 2010

Clasp - Haiku

Autumns last blooming roses
clasped in unforgiving frost
shatter in the pickers hand

Penned for the theme word clasp at Haiku Heights

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Forgotten One

I’m so cold
under the weight
of frozen earth
pressing down,
suffocating my soul.

Someone, please
release me
from this grave
of deathly darkness
where I don’t belong.

Let me feel
the Autumn sun
warm my face,
the crackle of leaves
under my feet.

Allow my soul
to dance again
in the sunshine
with my love,
someone, please
please release me…

Brrrrr, the forgotten one speaks as do others at Magpie Tales

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thru The Open Door

You leave your window open
wishing me to follow
though I wonder
which path thru the hollow.

My love, send me a note
where I might find you
or do you plead I follow
your heartbeats true.

Now, I hear you love
thru glade and over dale
to be with you once more
I shall not fail.

Written while looking out the open window at Magpie Tales. View other ponderous tales here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Most Dreaded Words

The three most dreaded words to a northern gardener this time of year are SEVERE FROST WARNING. Yikes! I do admit I’m pushing the limit keeping planters outside however the plants are blooming profusely this time of year. I want to coddle them, keep them safe and warm but I know the inevitable. And so it must end but not without one last fight!

Scurrying I remove the fuchsias from the pergola and bring them inside laying the three pots down on an old sheet I’ve spread out on the den floor leaving a path just wide enough to get to the pooter. Next are the two hanging begonias. The one on the veranda has withered a tad from the north wind but blooms are still graceful. The other one, this gorgeous Bonfire Begonia is huge! She measures a good 4’ around and at least 5’ in length with her tendrils still covered in blooms. This will take extra gentleness to bring her in without loss of limb. Tis best to place them on chairs where their tendrils will hang much like Rapunzels’ locks.

Now mustn’t forget the veranda planters so full of ever blooming, red wax begonias. I don’t want to lose them either because of their colour. Note to self: do not water planters before the possibility of moving since the weight of each planter has increased 300%. No wonder my shoulders are sore this night. Four 6’ planters now carried in and sitting safe in the back hall.

The square planters filled with beautiful begonias, coleus and gartenmeister fuchsias are left to last being the heaviest. These fuchsias are the Candy Cane variety and are red, white and green striped. Hhhmmm, I wonder if I can repot and over winter because they would look gorgeous during the Silly Season. Full of rain soaked soil, I lug and tug, push and pull these into the house. My living room is now filled with chilled planters. This makes me ponder what creatures will wake in the warmth of the house and say “hey, nice home, don’t mind if we stay the winter do you”. I can only imagine…

Saturday, October 09, 2010

On My Golden Pond

On my golden pond
crinkled leaves sail
gently teased
by the breeze,

Yellow, amber,
rust and red
upon the water
they do rest,

Til the wind
raises them up
tenderly twirling
to their bed,

On moss plump
from Autumns rain
provides soft landing
for the final colour of this day.

For more glorious tales of a perfect Autumn view visit Magpie Tales

Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Magpie Tale of A Lantern

I see your face
reflected in the shade
seductively smiling at me
urging me to turn you on
bringer of light and warmth.

Shall I light your fire
and wait for you to fill me
with heat and substance
or would you prefer I freeze alone
in the forbidden darkness.

Daylight wanes and the house chills
on this Autumn night Lantern
what would you have me do…

Magpie Tale #34, The Lantern which may be found here.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Autumn pondering

though summers light wanes
will continue his song

Friday, September 24, 2010

The hot southern wind
ravishes the landscape
laying trees horizontal.

Standing stead fast
she shall not be deterred
remaining strong in the heat.

Just another day of challenges
for this northern woman
who will not become part of the landscape.

She is her own person
and not a member of the flock
in the cyber field of bah's.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumnal Equinox

Autumn arrives
splashing the landscape
in glorious colours

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I stand on the edge with toes
twitching, not from nervousness
but from happiness for
they know the journey ahead.

With arms wide open
those toes spring my body
onto the swirling current
that surrounds the mountain.

Up, up and finally soaring
amongst the clouds
leaving the earthly worries
behind, for another time.

Soaring over pastel fields
and acres of human existence
I follow the river
sailing with ships at full sail.

The freedom of the tide
brings peace of mind
renewing my soul knowing
there is such a world for believers.

I watch the hustle and bustle below
every day peons, ever busy
going no where, yet striving to climb
the corporate ladder.

For this one moment I pity them
and yet I smile in serenity,
until the Monday morning
alarm clock rings.

This was written for The Inferno’s Coxswain “Vertigo” theme where we ask an artist from The Artist Challenge to choose one of their pieces of art and the writers interpret it in words. You may find Ray Shuells painting here as well as the entire Vertigo collection.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Fluttering Bye

Colourful movements
of orange and black
floating on the wind
catches my eyes.

Over the rooftop
tiny stained glass wings
translucent in the sun
pass without a sound.

Monarch butterflies
begin their journey
to their warm winter home
fluttering on by
fragile butterflies.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Affectionate Anarchy or How I Hate to Need you

I hate my dependency on you
always fighting the need
to have you in my daily life,
craving your darkness to make me whole
because of my paleness without you.

You promise lasting lushness and length
whispering full bodied volume
for all who are tempted
to believe in you, but after
one night you disappear into the air.

Tears leave my cheeks
streaked with drops of charcoal,
while a circus clown stares back at me
yet you declare yourself waterproof,
Hah! none have proven themselves so.

Now you tease me with shades
of blues, greens and plums;
with your gems, your feathers and glitter
leave those for the young
with flights of fancy in their eyes.

With mouth wide open
I twirl you closer and closer
up, over and down, defining myself
wondering if you’ll be the one
to transform me into a CoverGirl.

Written for The Inferno’s theme Affectionate Anarchy. What can I say but I’m a pale one and those ads make my eyes roll. Mascara indeed! I see the false eyelashes, o yes I do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look Up !

Shooting stars criss cross the heavens
lost loved ones
reaffirming their memory in my heart

This week the Perseid Meteor Shower graces us with its presence.
I for one will be watching.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Her Lucky Charm

“I give you 3 wishes and one may not be your freedom” she hissed thru cracked teeth and wrinkled lips. “What is your pleasure?”

He already knew she was much smarter than he, so began to tickle her palm with his toes, much like a cat kneading its keepers’ thighs before settling down. Might as well lull her into a sense of calmness before I leave he thought.

“First wish old woman. Water. Set me down in the pond.“

“You have your wish“, she mumbled bending over to release him.

He settled into the water, so cool and relaxing on his body and floated amongst the hyacinths. His legs stretched after days being kept in a cage, with only a saucer of water.

“Second wish old woman. Food. I need larvae, worms, not those dead flies you flicked my way.”

“I will find those for you while you refresh in the water” said she begrudging the thought of picking them wiggling and squirming out of the earth.

“Third wish old woman. Companionship. You’ve caged me alone and much too long. I need the touch of life.”

“But I have touched you.”

“You !, You!!!, Hah! Old woman. I shuddered every time your clammy, gnarled fingers neared me. You lost the touch years ago old woman that is if you ever had it.”

“I lost the touch you say? How dare you berate me with those words! You’ve forgotten it was I who saved you from the clutches of that creature. Yes I saved you and now you owe me your life.”

“Owe me your life? I think not old woman. Do you really believe I am staying here? With you? Think again old woman !!! “

“Oh you will stay with me, forever. In fact you’ve become a lucky charm to me. Your attitude towards your saviour has renewed me and my powers.”

Before he could respond, she waved her hand and the air filled with florescent smoke. As it cleared she smiled knowing she hadn’t lost her touch after all.

“Oh yes, you will be mine forever and eternity” she said softly kissing his silenced lips before hanging him in the shrubbery overlooking the pond.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

O Luna

I see you peeking thru the trees
your reflection in The Pond
smiling back at me
with no other in sight.

Are you flirting with me
O man in the moon
or asking me to dance
while you shine so bright.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Gots Babbbbbbiessssss !!!

Well, well, well, will wonders never cease this summer. When we last left off Firth had hopped into The Pond. Soon after, he was joined by Frogue. Two rather handsome frogs spending their days sunning on the rocks, swimming together, and even cuddling in the pennywort. The only thing I didn’t see them do was hopscotch. Not to say they didn’t, just that I never saw them.

Last weekend they disappeared and I was quite concerned because Rockii the neighbourhood racoon had been visiting and we know what its favourite food is. Little did I know those two had hopped off for a weekend get away. Now I understand why.

So far I’ve counted 18 wee frogs, woooooooo hooooooooooo, I gots babies !!! They are perfectly formed (not unlike poor Jack Sparrow a few years ago who had only one eye and swam in circles), and could easily sit on a loonie with room to spare.

They spend the day sitting on the stones surrounding The Pond, floating on the water lettuces and just having froggie fun. I can always tell when there’s a creature near by as the Plop! Plop! Plop! from their jumping into the water echoes thru the garden. Watching them I’m reminded of new born lambs trying out their legs, kicking and prancing thru a meadow.

Firth did return and he is now named Firthess ‘cause it’s kinda fitting. She spends most of her day on the throne watching over her brood. Where Frogue is, only he knows. Perhaps he hopped off to a less noisy pond.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sun of A Gun

Doris schlepped her way into the kitchen still half asleep from another one of "those" nights. Her yellow flannel pajama's, with the goldfish blowing bubbles out of twisted mouths, were drenched from the nights sweat.

She opened the fridge door, sighing as the cool air tickled her body. Reaching into the usual spot, her hand found nothing. Then her hand thumped over a casserole dish and tupperware holding last nights’ supper but still no carton! Heart beating faster Doris peered in and shook at the gaping sight.

"Alllllrightttttttttttt !!! Who took MY soy milk !?!?!"

Hearing something gag, she spun around to see Fred spewing his coffee onto the linoleum floor.

"What the hell Doris ! That was soy milk ? No wonder the coffee tasted so bad. Why can't you just drink normal milk like the rest of us."

"Normal milk, NORMAL MILK ?!? Do I happen to look like I need NORMAL milk ?!?"

Fred, being the ever loving husband of 30 years knew better then to answer, and instead offered to make her breakfast; her favourite pancakes, poppy seed pancakes, like the ones he had just finished. The carbs will comfort her he thought.

Reaching into the pantry, he pulled out the glass container and this time put on his glasses. Oh dear, she’s not going to like this news.

“I’m sorry old girl, we seem to have run out of poppy seeds”, shaking the bottle at her, wondering what he used earlier.

Fred didn’t have much of a chance to think. Doris’s flaxseed container was quite empty, shattering hard as it fell to the floor from Fred’s limp hand. The impact of the iron skillet left a round indentation in his head, while fracture lines radiated around his skull.

“Well, sun of a gun” Doris mumbled staring at her dear Fred crumpled on the floor. “I thought that skillet was T-Fal.”

This was written for a challenge at The Inferno and all names have been changed to protect the guilty. har har

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I Begonia Enjoy You

I know, I know. I was self banned from one nursery but I didn't say all of them. Just look at those glorious colours ! Perfect for the shaded patio. This forgotten one needed a home and I knew just the place. Uh hunnhhh. Sssshhhhhh, I'm sure I'll hear about it later :D

Friday, July 02, 2010

Embrace Me Summer Breeze

Embrace me summer breeze
wrap me in your tendrils lifting me up
so I may tiptoe amongst clouds
to soothe these weary feet.

Embrace me summer breeze
float me over the kaleidoscopic landscape
of poppy fields red, lavender hedges
and sunflowers kissed by the sun.

Embrace me summer breeze
twirl me in swaying lush treetops
that I may sing to the nestlings
a lullaby hushed and sweet.

Embrace me summer breeze
let me slide over a rainbow
surrounding myself in its colours
vibrant and exotic as saris.

Embrace me summer breeze
cool this exhausted body
from a sweltering day
caressing me into sleep from the heat.

Embrace me summer breeze
give me wings so I may
kiss the man in the moon
for illuminating the path all these years.

Embrace me summer breeze
Embrace me…

Another wee ditty written for The Inferno.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Was It ?

For The Inferno's Midsummer Night's Dream theme. Such a lovely topic which I thorougly enjoyed.

Awake before dawn, Gwendolyn dressed not stopping for breakfast. The air was cool and a refreshing breeze blew thru the garden. Perfect for keeping the skidders away she said to no one but herself. All windows were opened wide and out she bounded thru the French door to her oasis, her Eden, The Pond.

Time flew as it does when one sinks themselves into their passion. Lunch had come and gone, and nearing the supper hour Gwendolyn succumbed to the rumbling in her tummy. Feet as brown as peat moss, dirt encased fingernails and sweat soaking her shirt she sat down. Just for a wee rest before cleaning up Gwendolyn thought.

The warmth of the day relaxed her body and as her eyelids fluttered she faintly heard the soft peep of Firth. He was the first of the frogs who found themselves drawn to The Pond this year. Smaller then most but he was the first and therefore deserved to be named.

Gwendolyn fought the feeling to stay awake for natures’ nightlights soon to appear but she was weary. Closing her eyes for the last time she let herself drift to sleep, perchance to dream...

“Take my hand
one such fair of face
we journey forth
to the most secret place.

A magical place
where dreams are made
on this midsummer night
our lives will be laid.

Lay with me in the mossy fen
sheltered by ash and oak
enchantment will surround us
nary a word may be spoke.

Accept from the damsel flies
their offering of honeysuckle so sweet
its nectar will bring visions
of wonderment so complete.

See the orbs flickering in the evening mist
gathering round the fire so bright
look closely and you will see
pixies, elves, even wayward trolls this night.

Come dance with me fair of face
leave the world of your being
whilst I place upon you a floral crown
only you know its meaning.

Of wild roses, irises and valerian
their fragrances as sweet as thee
in hues of pink, yellow and purple
as vibrant as our life I doth see.

The faerie folk await you fair of face
don the ladyslippers at your feet
take hold the wings of dragonflies
allow ourselves too meet.

In the fen amongst friends
we will dance and laugh and sing
this midsummer night
in the magical faerie ring.”

Gwendolyn woke to the soft pinging of natures’ nightlights floating thru the trees. Shaking her head, she wondered what brought on that dream! She knew she usually dreamed after a full tummy but hers hadn’t been fed all day.

Stretching, she rose and felt something drop to the ground from her head. Gwendolyn picked up one of her favourite flowers. Inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of valerian she looked around knowing full well her own had not made it thru a nasty winter 3 years ago.

Spying Firth sitting on his rock, she walked over to look him in the eyes and gasped at what was in his mouth. Why is he holding a sprig of valerian and why do I suddenly hear Ravel’s Bolero? Firth winked at Gwendolyn and then she knew that was not just a dream on this midsummer night.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Addiction

I have a serious addiction. Yes I admit it has taken a toll on me. My hands shake and saliva runs every week waiting for my fix. No more I said this morning and ventured forth to deal with it head on.

I visited 3 local garden centres, what? again? you ask? Yes, again. But but but, the sales are on I reasoned with meself, and there are a few holes in the new Celtic Circle garden that well ummm need filling.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in healing they say. Hhmmm just who are “they” and have they ever experienced the joy in finding that perfect Hosta? Golden in colour edged in white it will brighten up that spot over there. Of course it will ! I know it will.

The last centre is having a super sale on perennials and yes I came home with a few, well okies, more then a few. They are an investment after all and will multiply yearly. That is good enough for me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have told the garden centre manager, “if you see me here again this year, bar me, boot me, send me home” because I know this weeks sale of 25% off will be 50% next week. Now you're talking !!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Frillies

my frilly fushias
twirl in the summers breeze
dressed in colourful tutu's

Saturday, April 10, 2010

There Be Beauty

She came to town as she had every Wednesday for the past 56 years, to do the usual shopping for weekly provisions. Now living alone she made one trip do as her age was taking a toll on her travelling in from the country. She refused to move to town from the family farmstead she had shared with her sister.

The necessities were bought and paid for and while making her way along Main Street she paused to look in the window of the treasure shop. It was filled with stained dresses, straw hats, washboards and of course a treadle Singer sewing machine which had seen better days. Her eyes gazed at the once loved items now on display. Such a shame to see them end their lives this way she thought.

Something caught her eye in the corner. Pressing her face to the glass, she cupped her hands around her eyes and peered in. An “oh my” escaped her mouth and she hurriedly stepped into the store.

“I’ll take that one!” she shouted to the clerk.

Woken from her latest Romance novel, the clerk followed the old lady’s fingers over to the dusty window sill. She can’t be serious she thought looking at “that one”. But a sale was a sale after all and this treasure trap needed it.

While the clerk wrapped that one, she paused and glanced around the shop, and saw a movement behind the rusty Coke rack. A wee white paw seemed to be waving at her. She walked over, unsure if it was her eyes or maybe a breeze from the overhead fan causing it to move. All she knew was that she had to know.

There it hung, on a dusty rack. Stuck, as if the clerk had to find a place for it and this made do. She brushed aside a parasol and stood with tears welling in her eyes. The poor thing was suspended with arms and legs twisted. One eye askew, fur falling out but there was that same wee sewn on smile.

She gently removed it from the rack, blew the dust away and walked to the checkout clutching it dearly. Thoughts of her twin sister long departed and their precious stuffed bears flooded through her mind.

Nodding to the clerk, she said “I’ll take this one as well. They can not be separated ever! They need each other more then you know.”

“But why do you want this one too? It’s ugly, worn and tattered, like the other one and doesn’t look at all like a teddy bear! “

She smiled, reminiscing of those happy days long ago, and replied,

“Ahh young lady but don’t you realize, can’t you see? There is beauty in the eye of this bear holder”.

This was a submission for The Inferno's "Beauty In The Eye of The Beholder". I do enjoy a good pun :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Feet

Me toes are itching,
soles are warm and flexing
they are happy once again.

I leave before lights flick on,
stepping out, inhaling
glancing about while toes twitch.

Into the dark morning I toddle
secure in comfey new shoes
just me and happy feet.

Commuter bus zooms by at 5:40,
sleepy silhouettes settle in
oblivious to me and happy feet.

Green mustang convertible speeds along
late no doubt, this time with top up
keeping warm like happy feet.

Robins gleefully warble good mornings
waking from a restful sleep
as did me happy feet.

I has Happy feet,
Happy too be walking once again.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sweet Oblivion

Rybellah woke trembling from another night of whisperings from Mother Earth. Her pleading to humans fell on deaf ears. Why do you treat me this way? Have I not given you sunlight to warm yourselves, to cook your food? Clear, clean water to quench your thirst? Seeds and fertile earth to provide you substance? Trees to shelter you? Why do you poison me so humans? Why ?!?

She was a determined ole soul and even more determined to help humans realize the path they’ve chosen will lead to their demise. We need them, thought Rybellah. Without humans we will no longer be. We need them as much as they need us.

Her clan listened to her plan but their warnings fell on deaf ears. And so off she set on the longest journey Rybellah would ever experience. Her faerie tail disintegrated leaving bits and pieces along the trail, so she may find her way home. Lonesome sparkles separated from their being.

Entering the land of humans, Rybellah’s breathing soon came in gasps, the stench of waste smothering her. Her footsteps laboured but she trudged on knowing she must find a dreamer, if only there is one human who believed. We will be saved. It can’t be that difficult after all.

Rybellah searched the continents, flying over the frigid Arctic, tip toeing over desert sand dunes, searching noisy, hustling city streets, skipping thru Amazonian forests. There were none. Where are the believers who kept this earth alive?

She weakened with every step, with every flight. Without belief she would perish and knew she needed to return home. Home, to family, to loved ones, to life. Her strength waning, she found refuge under an ole Oak tree. Perhaps sleep would help her out of this nightmare.

Dreybgh, her father, appeared at his sleeping child’s side. “Daughter, do you not realize, humans have lost belief, the dream. They consider themselves above us, no longer needing our magic. Have you not seen this? Suffered thru their self destruction enough?”

Opening her eyes Rybellah whispered, “Father, take me home, I am tired, worn and beaten. They have forgotten the magic, are too busy to think of us while they destroy life. This journey was more then I imagined as I found no one who believed.”

“Come my child, my dear Rybellah, return home with me. Our world, as is the humans’ world is doomed. There are no dreams left to be dreamt and nothing to keep us alive. We will pass into time as we have lived, into sweet oblivion.”

Dear reader do you believe in the magic which surrounds us? Once we forget we become the forgotten...

My submission in The Inferno's "Into Oblivion" challenge. As a side note, the picture is a combination of watercolour background meant to show a polluted sky, while the eye and tears represent Mother Earth crying unless humans for lack of a better phrase, SMARTEN UP !

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Scent of Spring

There is a scent this day
in the forest,
the scent of Spring.

Maples nectar flows freely
while man nurtures
this juice so sweet.

This scent envelopes
every living being,
the fragrance of life renewed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wrap Me in Ribbons

Wrap me in ribbons,
as swaying autumn wheat

Wrap me in ribbons,
as rain moistened moss

Wrap me in ribbons,
as newly hatched chicks

Wrap me in ribbons,
as a sweltering sunset

Wrap me in ribbons,
as a winters twilight sky

Wrap me in ribbons,
as the fields of Provence

Wrap me in ribbons,
as the rich dark earth

Wrap me in ribbons,
as dewdrops on spider webs

Wrap me in ribbons of Valentines
My love
whilst I wrap you in mine.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twinkle & Soggy Bottom Together Again

I sit motionless on the throne. Well not quite a regal throne with hand carved creatures and flourishes but the best this Princess of The Pond has. Feet up, cool goblet, light breeze blowing thru the garden and a good days work done. Tis time to ponder, ponder the nattering these ears heard this morn, reflect and smile.

I had finished scraping moss off the side walkway, been an awfully damp summer so far, and took the over flowing pail to the rear bed. This bed is under planting having dug up all grass and transplanted Periwinkle, Lemon Pennywort, Ivy and other such groundcovers Tis a very shady area under the ole maple tree. Perfect for a hide away.

Clearing a spot around the copper kettle I knelt with pail and trowel. Gently removing each clump I set about placing them just so then tenderly pushing them into the ground to take root. With all this rain I knew they would grow together very soon providing a soft, plump carpet for whichever creature came to rest upon.

Always having the ears of an owl I stopped tendering when voices were heard. Glancing around I saw no one, then continued. Hhhhhmmm, there it tis again I thought, very soft voices barely audible. Keep working I said to meself, just maybe you’ll find the source of the voices.

Continuing to poke and plant I gave up, and said “ I hear you, ya know “.

Silence, as the nattering ceased.

“ There’s no need to worry, I can’t quite make out your words so continue on with your conversaton. “

Still silence, so I decided to break the ice.

“ Let me introduce meself, I am Miss Moss, creator of this forest. This is me home and you're welcome to rest, though who might you be ? “

After a few minutes, waiting for any type of response and hearing none, I resigned meself to having the last words.

“ Fine ! Be like that! If you don’t wish to reply then so be it. However you’re being very rude so if you don’t mind just bugger off elsewhere or I’ll let the neighbours cat who is quite the cunning hunter have free reign of the garden ! “

The next sound heard was rustling from a pile of dried leaves along the fence.

“ Did you hear that Twinkle ? She’s going to let that mangy cross eyed cat roam here! What shall we do? “

“ Soggy! Shhhhhhh, she’ll hear you. “

“ But, but, but, I don’t care Twinkle you know how it hunts. We’ve seen the carcasses. I don’t want to end up like them !!! “

“ Let me think Soggy, hush up ! “

“ Twinkle, she looks harmless and is minding her own business. Never once did she complain about the orbs we plucked out of the pond and threw into the beds. “

“ I know Soggy, I know, but do you see how she wields that trowel, she scares me. “

Soggy? Did I hear the name of Soggy ? I’m sure I did. I’m going to ask and wait for a response. This way I’ll know for sure.

“ I still hear you two. I’m not deaf. By the way Soggy, how’s that bottom of yours? Dried up has it ? “

“ O my Twinkle, she knows, she knows me! What will we do ? ”

“ Hush! “

Remembering a lovely Spring night I took a chance………

“ Twinkle? Is that you with Soggy ? Man o man, I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you doing? I’ve missed your sparkles Twinkle. Why do I think you two know each other ? “

I sat back grinning, while their silence spoke volumes. Twinkle and Soggy had finally found each other and I couldn’t be happier.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Early Winter Morn

I lock the door
& while sliding to the car
I gaze upwards
as I’ve done every morn
reading the clouds

Are they fluffy & white this grey time?
ahh snow is coming
are they whispy, speeding across the sky?
clearer weather is on its way
or is it a cloudless sky,
as natures nightlights fade

The eastern sky was soft
hue of a ripe peach
soft & comforting
while Acacia trees
chimed with ice crystals
on thin brown branches

Faint fog drifted upwards
as the earth warmed
my breath exhaled a sigh
easing this soul
for the day will be just fine…..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiny Words

I love tiny words, in particular haikus. Sweetly short poems using few words to describe emotions. After all events, or scenes, are felt by the writer, so why not express them as such.

I am thrilled to find a favourite site up and running again. Once again these tiny words are delivered daily to my mail box and I am happy. Have a boo at these Tiny Words, read and smile as I do.

Your scent lingers
on pillows held tight
while I dream of us