Thursday, March 26, 2020


there is a silence upon the earth,
families are sheltered in homes
not daring to step out
unless a need for provisions.

education is left to parents
reviewing letters and numbers,
over and over, how to sign your name,
pencil scribbling between lines.

walkers and runners step forth
on my street, gauging the 6’ distance
while waving and nodding
those brave to exit their safe net.

us “essential services” employees
attend work, ready to give the hex sign
of back off at a moments notice,
tis tiring being ever alert.

my brain is vacant, as is my body,
while I feel for those without a daily job
to attend to, do they feel the same
for us keeping the lines open?

I enjoy this silence, lack of traffic
in my town, allowing me to travel
from home to work to home
in record time, in silence...

Thursday, March 12, 2020

March Full Moon

leaving before sunrise
the full moon of March
silenced my steps,

with a charcoal grey sky
as a back-drop, the moon
o that glorious moon

shimmered in gold,
its roundness softened
blending into the sky

I gasped not just at the view
but the morning sky in its
ominous tone...

and then freezing rain fell

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Robin of Red-breast

Your early morning song
greeted me the past week,
such a heart warming
to the start of the day.

Today in brilliant sunshine
I watched you in the apple tree
serenading the neighbourhood
with your song of spring.

Sing on Robin of Red-breast
lighten the day with joy
as we struggle with winters end
which can’t come too soon.