Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He Returns.....

The first day of Autumn fades into darkness. Night air is chilly and silent…almost. These ears hear scratches along wood, rocks tumbling landing with thuds followed by rustling. I tense. No it can’t be, not again. I wait.

There it is ! A different scratch only closer. I silently ask me self, are the windows closed ? doors shut ? Pinkie charged ? Not wanting to be seen thru the open blinds I rise, moving slowly to turn off the light.

Grasping the flashlight I sneak over to the window and flick it on and out into the darkness. Ever so quietly a head appears and the highbeam lights up the night. His eyes burn red staring directly at me.

I dash for my weapon of choice, load it then crank open the window. Taking aim, he’s frozen in the flashlights beam. Slowly I squeeze the trigger yet does not find its target.

I swear he laughs at me and my Super Soaker guaranteed to shoot water 20’. Looks like Rockii has eaten well this Summer returning to the composters for scraps. He climbs out and with a snicker, onto the fence and into the trees.

I laugh. Tomorrow the distance between home and composters will be measured. Odd though, I still feel the need to double check the windows and doors...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy Maties

I’ve long had a fascination with Pirates. From Errol Flynn swinging his way across the masts to Robert Shaws swashbuckling with that smirk and glint in his eyes as sharp as a sabre, to ooooooooo Johnny Depp. Yummmmy! Now thar’s a man not afraid what his maties would say bout wearing eyeliner. Topping off with the jewellery and dreadlocks he’s makes one fine fashion statement adrift on the seven seas. Only in me dreams do I hear him say “lass, dat be a fine treasure chest ye got thar, arrrhhhhh”.

Tis that time of year where we celebrate the Pirate in all of us. September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrhhhh, for smoother sailing in these uncharted waters follow this Map and prepared ta be horn swaggled. You too can find yer true Pirate name says I, Red Ethel Vane. Brush up on pickup lines to use when yar 3 master makes port. Learn sea shanties to sing with a grog of rum or a Rogue beer. Long voyages made shorter wit the purdy knittin pattern.

One eye Jack has returned to The Pond and is still swimmin’ in circles. Only this day he wears a patch over the bump where his left eye should be. Arrrhhh. Even froggies celebrate this day. Tis chillier then an Arctic bilge rat so I raise a goblet of Merle and toast the day and to ye all. Arrhhhh

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look Up Look Up, Le Harvest Moon

Mmmmm, the Harvest Moon nears. A moon I always search for thru the clouds and darkness. For most it means the end of summer which is true in a sense but it also heralds colours of such vividness. Hhmmm, is that a word? Tis now :D. I love Autumn not just for the colours but the smells, sounds, the crisp warmth.

A finer day I not know then to walk thru sun filled woods crunching leaves underfoot while looking up and feeling the warmth of colour. The reds, magentas, purples, gold, yellows, mmmmm. They swallow you, warm you, protect you. Scents of dried leaves, pots of chili sauce slowing stewing, the dampness of moss. This is Mother Nature singing her swan song.

Harvest Moon brings to mind one of those songs that will ever remain with you. There is something about the words that make me sway, smile and giggle. No one sings it better then Neil Young.

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

Uh hunh, those are the words, feelings, thoughts. Such softness yet no beating around the bush, hehehe. Much like the Harvest Moon. She will shine large and bright. Her regal red shines upon us all.

Friday, September 05, 2008

This Fine Day

This Fine Day sun shines hot upon the land. Gustav's wind has reached me bending trees, twisting leaves. I sit and ponder the garden....

While shaded the soil is rock hard, dried from too many tree roots sucking moisture. I spy wee hostas amongst the hedge asking for a better home. Lattice oblesik has lost some latt or is that latti ? and requires repair. Daylilies droop begging for separation from years of growing on top of themselves. Pots are dry from the wind. Mound of compost under wrap as in a crime scene awaits spreading. Walnuts need to be gathered before the bloody black squirrels, aka Black Barts, play landscaper. Indoor plants outdoors should be bathed before being brought indoors from outdoors, whew. Watching the froggies I note to meself, learn how to use the movie feature in the digi so I can bore me friends with "home" movies. The Walnut tree branch rubbing on the pergola makes such a squeak, that I shall keep.

So much to do in this lovely weather. However I shall ponder these while waiting for the Chardonnay to chill on this fine day :D

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Summer has finally arrived at The Pond. No rain in ooooo three days and water level dropped so much the froggies were having difficulty hoping out. Hoping in no problem as they tend to jump having Cannonball competitions between themselves.
Wanting to help them save their energy for the Winter sleep I decided to top it off and so hooked up the hose and let water flow. Well, sometimes I get onto other things and kinda sorta fergit.
Walked out to check and oooooopsies, can froggies drown ??? Water overflowed and there they were, sitting about the edge staring and pondering, what is happening here! Where is she! Why is she doing this to us!
Running to the tap, I twisted it almost off in the hurry to stop the water. Whew. Taking attendance I see all are accounted for and none floating. Though Frogue is sitting in one of his two favourite spots, directly across from my throne. The other being the throne rock. Well he sits there and none to happy at the moment. Wee eyes glaring at me with a " may I ask what were you doing that caused you to forget us? " I glare back and say, " just a minute Frogue I was doing you a big favour. After all you are the oldest and ya know what happens when another birthday comes around " wa hahahahahaha
Needless to say no froggies were harmed, perhaps a tad pizzed off, but all is well :)