Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy Maties

I’ve long had a fascination with Pirates. From Errol Flynn swinging his way across the masts to Robert Shaws swashbuckling with that smirk and glint in his eyes as sharp as a sabre, to ooooooooo Johnny Depp. Yummmmy! Now thar’s a man not afraid what his maties would say bout wearing eyeliner. Topping off with the jewellery and dreadlocks he’s makes one fine fashion statement adrift on the seven seas. Only in me dreams do I hear him say “lass, dat be a fine treasure chest ye got thar, arrrhhhhh”.

Tis that time of year where we celebrate the Pirate in all of us. September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrhhhh, for smoother sailing in these uncharted waters follow this Map and prepared ta be horn swaggled. You too can find yer true Pirate name says I, Red Ethel Vane. Brush up on pickup lines to use when yar 3 master makes port. Learn sea shanties to sing with a grog of rum or a Rogue beer. Long voyages made shorter wit the purdy knittin pattern.

One eye Jack has returned to The Pond and is still swimmin’ in circles. Only this day he wears a patch over the bump where his left eye should be. Arrrhhh. Even froggies celebrate this day. Tis chillier then an Arctic bilge rat so I raise a goblet of Merle and toast the day and to ye all. Arrhhhh


  1. Arrr, the Map thingie didn't work so go to, back to the grog, Red ;)

  2. Okay I will play Pirate as long as I can swig Jack Daniels instead of rum..:)))

  3. arrr dat be Cap'n Jack :D

  4. Swab yer blogs mates and find yer treasures ... me peg leg' killin me .... walk the plank!!

    (I have no idea what that means!)

  5. I'm in on the Rum part lol


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