Friday, June 14, 2013

Ripples - Haiku

windows wide open
drapes undulate in the breeze
ripples of linen

ripples of linen
fresh fleece carded and woven
dyers vats await

dyers vats await
indigo, saffron, eggshells
colours from nature

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Me Beautiful Bounty

I swore I was finished, however gardeners know no one is ever truly finished especially this time of year. So there I was at Canuckian Tire one day, minding myself to shade my eyes from the nursery and scurried right in. After the purchase I stepped out into this brilliance shining forth. My eyes focused and I gasped, truly gasped at the site.

I stood motionless for but a minute then my feet took me to the new arrivals. O my dears, how I’ve been searching for you I whispered as I stroked their leaves. I experienced nirvana exploring the beauties before me. Purchasing one of each I left with the biggest grin on my face I was surprised I hadn’t caused an accident being in the state I was.

Last year I ordered a number of caladium tubers. Not easy to find in the great white north. They arrived in late May and I quickly potted them. Weeks of tending and searching for life they surprised me at how fast they took hold and shot up sprouts. Ahhh, the colours on the patio were glorious! They thrived in the wicked heat and gave me such joy.

Unfortunately I was a tad late in transplanting them to indoor pots so most perished. I let them be over winter and was able to nurse only a few this spring. Weeks of searching sites and emails of “do you have caladiums for sale? Please? I’ll trade me first born, do almost anything". The replies were always no. Now I have the last laugh and will baby me beautiful bounty