Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Charity - Haiku

This soul smiles warmly
as an open wallet empties
into a Sally Ann’s kettle

On alert for neighbours cats
while the bird feeder overflows,
feathered friends feed in peace

Charity, sharing ones heart
with those souls silently
pleading for a helping hand

Charity, such a thoughtful word. Please visit Haiku Heights for more thoughtfulness.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace, love and laughter

The Christmas Tree
bathed in gold
shimmers as hands
hang beloved ornaments
of glass, silk and paper
watched over by an
inherited Angel slightly
worn but ever cherished
while the wreath wrapped
in cones, nuts and ribbons
still sparkling after the years
adorns the wooden door
guarding the fragile garland
surrounding the rusted obelisk
this day now brought to life
in evergreens, artemisia,
and plump hydrangeas
which lovingly overlooks
the red candled wreath
upon the candelabra
shining with sun beaten beads
of red and silver stars
all enjoyed by family and friends
anxiously waiting, warm inside
with tummies hungry
for Christmas cookies.

May you all find peace, love and laughter this season
but most of all may these feelings last with you throughout the year.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance in The Moonlight

A gentle, soft eve
flakes falling ever so slowly
dancing in moonlight
surrounding The Pond

The Pond, well worn
around one edge
from the paws of creatures
seeking respite of their thirst.

Thirst, for nourishment
in the dead landscape
of barren Winters’
frozen earth needing warmth.

Warmth, bundled and safe
from the bitter North wind
blowing unforgiving
causing life to seek shelter.

Shelter, peace with oneself
gazing out thru frosted glass
while the snow flakes
dance in moonlight.

Friday, December 10, 2010


surrendering to your heart
while banishing the unknown

Separation of distance
though faith in each other
maintains our strength

Faith, hope and charity
these three charms chime
from my heart ringed bracelet

Belief in one self
becomes faith in others
during difficult times

If it’s December
I have faith
it will snow

Ponderings prompted by faith in Haiku Heights.