Monday, June 30, 2008

That'll Teach Em

I saw the darndest thing today.

The den windows were open wide and I heard nails against glass. Peering out and up I saw a young Blue Jay munching on what I thought was a moth. Now moths don't usually come out during the day so I looked closer.

Before I could get a better look, up Jay flew and out of site. Smack down he came landing on the window frame. Up again he went and down he soon came. I pondered and thought something was amiss so out I went.

Slowly I moved round the corner of the house and looked way up. In the gable was a tattered wasp nest with a few displaced wasps darting about. Aha! It wasn't a moth but a piece of the nest he had in his mouth.

Those wasps must have ticked Jay off so what better revenge then to tear apart their home.

I never know what's going to happen next at The Pond.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Me and Motown

Where do I begin with the love I have for Motown. The earliest reconcilation is from a cousin of a friend who spent her summers here. She was aghast at our listening habits. I think back and giggle. Uh Hunh, she wasn't subjected to Lawrence Welk or the Mighty Jubilee players. Thank heavens for her.

Once the summer faded I decided meself to find that sound. Poking a hole thru the window screen I adjusted the antennae just out and so praying the wee AM radio would find the waves. I wasn't let down.

It soon became a nightly mission. Once the lights went out on a Sunday night, up went the window and out went the antennae. I huddled on the floor tweeking the rod forever striving to find the waves. Once I did this soul danced.

The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokkkkey, The Supremes, what voices, melodies they had. After all these years their music still brings a smile and an o yeah to this face. Theirs was the only music I played at the 45th Birthday party and I tell you I had the Supremes "Stop In The Name Of Love" moves down pact. Uh hunh, I am damn good, so good I bowled a few strikes, heheheheeeee.

Seriously, there is no genre that brings a smile to this face as Motown. The music is powerful, words are basic but so emotional, and the overall feeling is a woooo hoooooo. I could ponder on but if you have a chance to watch the Funk Brothers you know what I write of.

Life is good :D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tickle Me is Home

Woooooooo hooooooooooooo !!! I am soooo happy! I found an ole friend today and brought it home. While touring the country side I stopped at a home nursery. Eden on earth with this funky house, huge pond and greenhouses and trial beds and good to go beds, and and and. Yes I was in heaven.

Wandering around which by the way I am most excellent at :D, I spotted this tiny plant tucked into a corner of the green house. Oooooo, can it be? could it be? is someone smiling down on me? YESSSSSSS!!! it tis ! The elusive Mimosa pudica me ole friend. Dawn looked me way wondering why the shout of glee over a funny plant. Ahhh she wasn't aware of its properties I sighed.

This wonderous plant is also known as the Sensitive Plant or the Tickle Me Plant. Born out of the tropics the light, frilly leaves and branches close and bend down to the slightest breeze or tickle. There is a very small lilac coloured bloom once it is happy in its environment. But o the fun of this plant! It resides on the patio table and is a constant reminder of gleeful gardening.

Folks who visit are encouraged to softly stroke the leaves, underside is preferred and to sit back and watch. The leaves fold, branches bend down to the ground til "danger" has passed. Then slowly life returns as if watching the growth of a plant movie in high speed. Many a child and adult afterall why should munchkins have all the fun, have been encouraged to "tickle" the Mimosa.

Hehehehehe, I am one happy person this day.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Serenity Now !

What is it with men and motors.....I ask you. Tis a balmy Friday eve and the hummmm, the rrrrrmmmm, of lawn mowers attack the calm summer breeze like those pesky squitos hone in on ones ankles. Friday night is a night of peace after the work week in my book. But oooo nooooooo the men of the neighbourhood just have to get out to outdo each other with decibal levels.

First off is me back neighbour, having fun with his new electric mower. Just once I'd like to see him mowing in the rain or ooopppsies run over the cord. Wouldn't that be a shocking end to his weekly runnings.

Next up is his neighbour, two yards down from me. Now he hasn't an electric mover just your average John Deere, built for speed but it somehow doesn't quite fit on his lot. Never the less he gives it all he has shifting into and out of gears and me ears still ache.

Across the street from them is the absolute horror, a mufferless mower! She has no excuse such as working during the day except on the golf course. Yep, she's one of the area's bestest. Why o why does she feel the need to run that annoying monster just as everyone is dining outside? If I won the lotto my first expense would be to buy her a mower with a fuggen muffler.

On the other side is a dear ole soul nearly 80 and putters about. Her son mows and of course without nothing better to do, starts up the old whacker. His is so loud he needs to wear earmuffs. Can you not do this in the morn when people are at work ? Mind you this is the same son who mows his own lawn 1/4" high then puts the water sprinkler on it during the sunniest part of the day. Me thinks I should have a wee chat with him.

As for me.............I'm getting a goat :D

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Being Followed By A Moonflower

Why o why do I sing the Cat Stevens song "I'm Being Followed By A Moonshadow" when I think of the Moonflowers? Dis I ponder. This year I potted two Moonflowers for the patio. I had one a few years ago and it grew a tad wild reaching 10' wound around a post. Happening upon them at a local nursery this year I just had to bring a few home.
Planted in full compost these are growing rapidly and blooming ever so nice. The name suits them. Huge white trumpet flowers open as the sun sets. Their fragrance sweetens the warm night air. As soleil wakes they fall asleep, resting til the eve. One might call them beacons for the froggies as they hop about when all else sleeps.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


O the trials and tribulations of logging in. "your username and password aren't recognized" So I try again. Hhmmmmm, same thing. I run to the pot and grab the nailfile, thinking this may do it. Tis not easy typing in the dark on a wappie with a goblet by yerside :D, hehehehe. Clip clip snip snip, well now I see abit of blood on the keyboard. Me thinks I snipped toooo much. At least I've logged in. Whew! Now what do I write, hhmmmmm, ponderings come at a certain stage and I'm not dere yet. O what the hell, yes I am. Lets see annoyances come to mind. We all have them. Mine are few so I will share.

That phone call in the middle of dinner, “ Ahoy, I’m Captain Rick and I’m inviting you to sail the seven seas with me “ Of course there’s a bloody boat horn blasting in the background. For only $4500.00 I too can enjoy a cruise in the (pick one), Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska coast, etc etc etc. All I need to do is “press 1” and have ready my credit card number. Aha! Little does Captain Rick know I can’t press 1. So I calmly yell “stuff it out yer blowhole” and slam the phone up. Ahhh, dats bettah

Neighbours who insist on mowing their lawn at supper time every Saturday never mind that it hasn’t grown in months. Geeeeeeeez, come on will ya. Your other neighbours are trying to enjoy their meal outside without the drone of your mufflerless mower!

Drivers who insist on picking their noses in traffic. Gawd, someone is always watching so puhhhhleasssssssssssssse if you have the need to pick, DO NOT take a look at your findings. You won’t find gold.

Those stoooooopid kiddie shopping carts. Made for the younguns so they too can become mindless consumers just like their parents. The least the manufacturers could do is install a rubber bumper on the front to lessen the blows to unsuspecting shoppers ankles.

Minivan mums. Need I say more.