Friday, June 27, 2008

Me and Motown

Where do I begin with the love I have for Motown. The earliest reconcilation is from a cousin of a friend who spent her summers here. She was aghast at our listening habits. I think back and giggle. Uh Hunh, she wasn't subjected to Lawrence Welk or the Mighty Jubilee players. Thank heavens for her.

Once the summer faded I decided meself to find that sound. Poking a hole thru the window screen I adjusted the antennae just out and so praying the wee AM radio would find the waves. I wasn't let down.

It soon became a nightly mission. Once the lights went out on a Sunday night, up went the window and out went the antennae. I huddled on the floor tweeking the rod forever striving to find the waves. Once I did this soul danced.

The Four Tops, The Temptations, Smokkkkey, The Supremes, what voices, melodies they had. After all these years their music still brings a smile and an o yeah to this face. Theirs was the only music I played at the 45th Birthday party and I tell you I had the Supremes "Stop In The Name Of Love" moves down pact. Uh hunh, I am damn good, so good I bowled a few strikes, heheheheeeee.

Seriously, there is no genre that brings a smile to this face as Motown. The music is powerful, words are basic but so emotional, and the overall feeling is a woooo hoooooo. I could ponder on but if you have a chance to watch the Funk Brothers you know what I write of.

Life is good :D

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