Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shadows upon The Pond

At last I’ve found time to just be and enjoy serenity. The last few months have been how shall I say a tad hectic. 10, 11 hour days, even weekends left me drained, not even wanting to turn on the pooter once I’m home. I failed to tend to myself, taking care to prepare for the working weeks to come once spring arrived,learning the hard way one should not lift patio stones weighing slightly less than oneself after an almost sedentary winter. Insert “o you didn’t” here. As me bro said, Cheryl you’re not 35 anymore ya know. Thanks bro. My body may not be but me mind is.

Today I tended to the garden laying a soaker hose amongst the plants in the Celtic Circle. They were as drained as I. The Walnut tree that over sees that bed has lost a lot of branches leaving it in sun and the wind literally sucks any moisture out of the soil. My poor babies cried for water and I as a care taker obliged. I must say the Turtleheads are looking perkier. And for an odd reason frogs have been singing from the dampness. Really! They have a huge pond to enjoy yet they seek out mud?

I didn’t find time but made time to finally relax and enjoy the sights and sounds around me. The family of Blue Jays made an appearance with babes running mum and dad ragged finding food for them. I knew he was up to something because everyday evening at 5 pm he would appear and bathe in the bird bath causing the resident frogs to scatter. Uh hunh I thought, you’ve been gallivanting out and about and showering before you go home to the nest! The cad. But seeing the family together was worth it.

It was a hot sultry summers day, humidex in the high 30’s with an even hotter wind. I am NOT a hot weather person. Give me a pleasant 72F, light breeze and clear skies and we’re talking perfection. However I’m not one to let a wee bit of heat stop me from being outside. Al Green sang thru the trees as I took photos and scribbled. Tonight I putter about the house with George Benson lulling me into sleep after a good day. A day of watching, seeking out movement in the garden. Shadows created by the sun and wind. Shadow, I love the word. It must be spoken softly almost in reverence. And so I shall end with a photo and haiku………

high sun casts shadows
fern shimmers upon water
framed by lotus leaves