Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joy to One & All

From my place in this world to yours, I wish you happiness, health, peace & love,


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Sunrise

Such a view I have from the office window. From the second floor I see the river which meanders thru my town. The view is exceptional in the early morn. Facing east I watch the sun yawn and stretch her self awake to shine upon us.

Winter morns are special. By 7 I’m in and already gazing out, wondering what colours she will don. The days of late with frigid temperatures she wears her pastels and I’m not disappointed with her choice.

Peach coloured sky as a backdrop to the grey whisps of chimney smoke foretells the coldness of the day. Her reflection on the river now covered in thin clear ice bounces off the shoreline overgrown with frost kissed trees.

As she warms she shines brighter painting the sky in a vivid blue. Those chimney smokes turn to white and soon become non existent for the viewer. Trees fade into the distance, bare branches standing on guard doing their best to ward off the offending cold.

And I return to the work at hand satisfied I’ve watched my world wake to a new day…