Friday, January 29, 2010

Early Winter Morn

I lock the door
& while sliding to the car
I gaze upwards
as I’ve done every morn
reading the clouds

Are they fluffy & white this grey time?
ahh snow is coming
are they whispy, speeding across the sky?
clearer weather is on its way
or is it a cloudless sky,
as natures nightlights fade

The eastern sky was soft
hue of a ripe peach
soft & comforting
while Acacia trees
chimed with ice crystals
on thin brown branches

Faint fog drifted upwards
as the earth warmed
my breath exhaled a sigh
easing this soul
for the day will be just fine…..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tiny Words

I love tiny words, in particular haikus. Sweetly short poems using few words to describe emotions. After all events, or scenes, are felt by the writer, so why not express them as such.

I am thrilled to find a favourite site up and running again. Once again these tiny words are delivered daily to my mail box and I am happy. Have a boo at these Tiny Words, read and smile as I do.

Your scent lingers
on pillows held tight
while I dream of us