Saturday, August 01, 2009

I shoulda

I shoulda dusted & vacuumed today
instead I held the door open for the dust bunnies escape.

I shoulda brought pallet and paints to the patio
instead I painted me toenails.

I shoulda listened to music today
instead I heard the summers breeze blowing thru the trees.

I shoulda weeded & deadheaded the beds
instead I wondered at their growth and colour.

I shoulda mowed the grass today
instead I moussed and curled me hair.

I shoulda fed the flowering baskets
instead I delighted with Chickadeedeedees feeding their young uns.

I shoulda emailed friends today
instead I turned the pooter off and wrote.

I shoulda swept the patio
instead I tossed fallen petals into The Pond.

I shoulda called me love today
instead I let him be knowing he too enjoyed the warmth and sun.

I shoulda scrubbed the bathroom
instead I laughed at the frogs playing in their own.

I shoulda done the laundry today
instead I watched a squirrel sleep on the clothesline tree.

I shoulda cut a bouquet from the garden
instead I bought carnations of yellow, gold and red.

I shoulda, shoulda and shoulda today
instead I was just with me……….